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Principals Day celebration
Posted in on May 8, 2024

Principals and assistant principals love to serve

A day in the life of a principal and assistant principal (AP) is not always fun and games.  

“It’s a hard job,” said Arlington ISD superintendent Dr. Matt Smith.  

But that’s why on School Principals Day, fun and games were exactly what was called for. 

Last week, campus leaders from across the district came together at Venture High School for an afternoon full of games, raffles and the announcement of principal, assistant principal and dean of the year. 

School Principals DayArlington High School’s Victoria Youngblood-Baldwin from Arlington High School was beaming with pride. 

“What we do is so important in growing our youth,” said Young-Baldwin, who was named the Secondary Assistant Principal of the Year. “I love my job, and I love Arlington High School. I hope to continue helping people become the best versions of themselves. I am deeply honored.” 

Elementary School Principal of the Year winner Selena Ozuna from Remynse Elementary felt the same way.  

“I feel so honored to be chosen,” she said. “It’s an honor to serve my campus and Arlington ISD every single day. I wake up with a smile because I am truly blessed to serve. It’s a wonderful opportunity to help grow our staff so that we do what’s best for our kids.”  

Arlington ISD is blessed with leaders whose dedication and compassion illuminate the path for students and educators on each campus every single day, making the recognition even more special. 

School Principals Day“It’s such an honor to be recognized amongst so many of my peers who put 100% into this job,” said Williams Elementary principal Chandler Garcia, who was selected as the rookie of the year. “We love our students, we love our staff and we are dedicated to not only our school but also Arlington ISD. I am proud to be part of this district where I have grown up and lived all of my life.” 

With their peers cheering right beside them, winners were also reminded of the strong learning communities that they lead.  

“Every single one of us works so hard,” said Ousley Junior High’s Amber Price, who was named the Secondary Principal of the Year. “To be honored with this award is so amazing because there are so many outstanding principals who lead the work every single day.” 

School Principals DayThat was the same sentiment shared by Atherton’s Ricardo Butler, who was honored as the Elementary Assistant Principal of the Year.  

As the festivities ended, Smith shared his heartfelt gratitude.  

“They deal with so many different pieces of the learning community to create the most positive environment for our staff and students to thrive,” he said. “I am so thankful that we get to recognize and celebrate them.”   

So, next time you see an administrator, remember to thank them for all the hard work that they do!