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Anita Foster

Executive Director of Communications & Marketing
(682) 867-7342

The AISD communications office is always looking for story ideas that will help us share all of the great news being made daily in the district. Some story ideas include events, student and staff achievements, new programs or anything else interesting about our schools or departments that you would like to share with the AISD community. You can submit your story idea by emailing

When submitting a story idea, please include as much information as possible so that we can properly share your story. Please confirm the spelling of names and places and include verified contact information. Submissions should be entered at least one week prior to your event, program or newsworthy project.

We are committed to reading every submission and placing as many stories as possible in appropriate communications. Please note, however, that submission of a story idea does not guarantee follow-up or inclusion in a specific publication or communication. District and media publicity is only possible if the event appeals to a wide audience and there is sufficient time to plan coverage. The AISD communications office will make a decision whether or not to use story submissions and will work with media outlets as necessary. Your e-mail address and personal information collected will only be used to contact you regarding your submission and will not otherwise be shared unless required by law.