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Dolloress Johnson

Dolloress Johnson

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In alignment with AISD’s priority to Grow and Develop People, the Human Resources Department is very pleased to support all AISD staff through the continued use of our online training system, Safe Schools.  This learning management system enables administrators and supervisors to better manage required compliance training.  More importantly, in keeping with AISD’s priority to ensure a positive Learner Experience, the training modules in Safe Schools increase safety for all stakeholders.

All AISD employees will access the system by using their Rapid Identity credentials. 

Follow this link to enter the Safe Schools site:

The Safe Schools learning management system can be accessed using your mobile device.  Some users may have personal configurations that prevent certain courses from loading. If you are experiencing trouble accessing the courses through a mobile device and you do not have access to complete the required training on a laptop or desktop computer, please reach out to your supervisor.  A paper printable copy of acceptable training can be provided to you.


Training Title



Due Date

Students Experiencing Homelessness: Awareness and Understanding

26 minutes

All Arlington ISD Employees

October 1, 2021

Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Prevention

22 minutes

Bullying: Recognition & Response

25 minutes

Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting

33 minutes

De-Escalation Strategies

23 minutes

General Ethics in the Workplace

25 minutes

De-Escalation Strategies

23 minutes

Health Emergencies: Life Threatening Allergies

13 minutes

Sexual Harassment: Staff to Staff

35 minutes

Youth Suicide: Awareness and Prevention

39 minutes


On or before these dates...

May 3, 2021: Human Resources will post required training modules within Vector Solutions. When employees log in to the system, the required training modules and deadlines will be displayed on their individual home screen. The Vector Solutions Learning Management System will send employees an email reminder regarding required training. Email reminders are scheduled on a recurring basis. 

May 26, 2021: As part of their end-of-year procedures, campus and department leaders will assure that all employees have been made aware of the Vector Solutions online training modules and how to gain access to the system. 

August 2, 2021: As part of their beginning of the year procedures, campus and department leaders will remind all employees of the required Vector Solutions online training modules and deadline for completion. 

August 30, 2021: Campus and department leaders will begin running weekly completion reports for their respective campuses or departments. These reports should be used to identify and support employees who have not yet completed all assigned training modules, and provide support as needed. 

October 1, 2021: Final deadline for completion of courses assigned to all AISD personnel for the fall semester. 

October 8, 2021: Deadline for campus and department leaders to submit a completion report to Human Resources. 

For questions regarding course content, please feel free to contact my office or your immediate supervisor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Safe Schools Online Training System is available to all current AISD employees (including substitutes) and is home to over many online training courses. The system is accessible using your Rapid Identity login at the following link: