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Eylona Fisher wins

Ousley’s Eylona Fisher Artistry Gets Her A Trip To Disney World

When superstar athletes win a big game, they normally film a commercial and announce they’re going to Disney World to celebrate.
Maybe they’ll see Ousley Junior High eighth grader Eylona Fisher there.
That’s because Eylona was surprised to find out Friday she was a winner of a trip to Disney World after her painting won the Imagine No Violence grand prize.
The surprise came when members of the Arlington Police Department, Fort Worth Police Department, Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams, state senator Beverly Powell and more paraded down her street Friday afternoon with sirens blaring and FWPD officers riding on horseback.
The commotion was enough to get Eylona to come outside after her parents prodded her.
“I had no idea what was going on,” Eylona said. “I was so surprised. I thought my art had a chance at winning something, but I didn’t think it would be this.”
Eylona’s painting, which she did in January, was titled “The Scarlet Bluez.” It features a boy painted blue and surrounded by colorful music. The music helps lighten him up.
While Eylona may have been surprised, she probably shouldn’t have been. History has been on the side of the Arlington ISD and Ousley in the contest. This marks the third-straight year Ousley art teacher Joni Rinker-Dozier had had a grand prize winner.
“These kids surprise me,” Rinker-Dozier said. “They come out with stuff that just amazes me. All of my students do this because I think it’s an important message they put out there. Seven of the eight pieces we put out there were either chairman’s choice or first place. They were all in the running for Disney World. It was wonderful news and a wonderful way to end a year that couldn’t be any more weird.”
In the past, the winners have been brought to Fort Worth to be honored by One Safe Place, a crime prevention agency devoted to preventing crimes and violence in Tarrant County schools, neighborhoods and homes. But with the COVID-19 pandemic that option was off the table. That’s why the likes of FWPD chief Ed Kraus and others gathered at a park near Eylona’s home before beginning the parade route down her street, drawing out neighbors to see what was happening.
Last year, more than 25,000 students competed in the contest with 165 receiving monetary prizes. But Eylona was one of just two grand prize winners, adding another feather in the cap to the Arlington ISD’s fine arts program.
“Our goal is to find opportunities for our kids to excel in arts anywhere we can,” Arlington ISD visual arts coordinator Linh Nguyen said. “During this pandemic, for our kids to be able to participate in the Imagine No Violence contest and to win the grand prize is such a morale booster for all of our kids. It says we pride ourselves on the fine arts, the visual arts and the performing arts. We believe it provides our kids an opportunity for a creative outlet to express themselves.”