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Arlington ISD Teachers Share The Advantages Of Free Full-Day Pre-K

Pre-K will be full-day for all 4-year-olds next school year in the Arlington ISD for the first time. That’s exciting news for Pre-K teachers because they know how much the extended school day will help the district’s youngest learners.

“Extending our academic program for 4-year-old students to full-day Pre-K will give us better opportunities to prepare children for kindergarten,” said Dr. Jackeline Orsini, Arlington ISD director of early childhood learning. “Our students will learn and have fun as they explore, discover, interact with other students and build self-confidence.”

The additional hours in the school day will give teachers the opportunity to teach language and cognitive skills, promote social and emotional development, and boost Pre-K students’ pre-math and literacy skills at a new, higher level.

This has Arlington ISD’s Pre-K teachers very excited about next year. Check out what five Pre-K teachers from around the district think is the best thing about full-day Pre-K and what they are most excited about for next year.

And don’t forget that Pre-K enrollment is open now. Visit to register and find out more details.

Debbie Modawell – Moore Elementary

The best thing about Pre-K becoming full day is the opportunity to provide a strong foundation for learners to engage in purposeful play which anchors their classroom learning in a creative and meaningful way. This opportunity builds their social-emotional skills and allows them to problem solve alongside their peers. 

As a teacher of half-day Pre-K and now going to full-day Pre-K, I am incredibly excited about building relationships with learners and their families! It is going to be an amazing adventure full of purposeful play nurturing their creativity and imagination while developing their language and communication skills! It’s going to be a great year in Pre-K!

Kelly Schrader – Miller Elementary

One of the best things about full-day Pre-K is the opportunity to form a strong bond with students. The students are really allowed to grow socially as well as academically. I am most excited to meet my amazing new class and get started making memories that we will always cherish.

Nora Cloud – Duff Elementary

I’m finishing my fourth year in full-day Pre-K, and it is the best! I love starting their educational journey in a rigorous, curriculum-based program that doesn’t lose focus on what’s important to the overall development of the children. In a full day, we have time to play and explore as we learn. We have time to develop those oh-so-important social and emotional skills. We establish routines, build stamina, and create life-long memories and relationships. I think that by this time next year we will see a new generation of learners who are even more prepared and excited to learn than ever before. I can’t wait to start the journey again next fall and to hug my former students, as well! 

Mallory Knox – Kooken Education Center

The best advantages of full-day Pre-K are the ability to build relationships with your students as well as extended time for learning. Teachers and students have ample learning time to teach, explore, play and fully grasp concepts that will be built upon as the school year progresses. Full-day Pre-K gives students a solid educational foundation for success in kindergarten and beyond. 

Kim Higbee – Little Elementary

One of the most exciting things about becoming full-day Pre-K is that we will be able to focus on the whole child. Having extra time in class will allow us to focus on strong academics but more importantly the social and emotional wellbeing of our youngest learners. It is our role as educators to build a strong foundation for the growth of our children and equip them with the skills to be kind and compassionate people.