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College and Career Expo
Posted in on February 23, 2021

Parent virtual meetings on March 9

The Arlington ISD College and Career Expo has a new look for 2021!

Beginning March 11, students in grades nine through 12 will participate in activities and discussions with college recruiters and industry professionals during their classes. Career and college virtual resource boards will be available to students after this two-day event, with continued support from their campus counselors and GO Center inspirED mentors. 

Several virtual workshops will be available to start the event off on Tuesday, March 9, for students and parents, including paying for college, college prep and college athletics and recruiting. Please register now to virtually attend one or more of the workshops or presentations. Each presentation will be offered at 12 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The expo will allow students to know what awaits them when they graduate from the Arlington ISD.

“We’re excited that our partners continue to collaborate to provide the Arlington ISD College and Career Expo in a virtual format,” said Aaron Perales, the Arlington ISD parent and community engagement director. “It connects students and parents with opportunities and strategies for college and career. That preparation starts now.”

Parents should circle March 9 on their calendar. That’s when there will be informational meetings via Zoom for them. Workshops hit on three topics – FAFSA, college readiness and college recruiting. The FAFSA and college readiness meetings will be run by inspirED, which partners with the Arlington ISD for the expo. The college recruiting piece is led by the Arlington ISD athletics department.

Arlington ISD high school students will participate in the expo beginning on March 11, with the information embedded in the curriculum so students can take advantage of the expo whether it’s an A day or a B day. Putting the content in the curriculum ensures that students will have the opportunity to get all the benefits of the expo.

“This is a really important event for our high school students,” said Ginger Polster, the Dan Dipert Career & Technical Center principal. “We’ve worked hard to create engaging content. It’s unique and relevant to student’s goals. While we’d always prefer to do these things in person, having it virtually opens up another window to engage with our students.”

The curriculum was put together by the CTC’s campus technology advisory committee, and all the lessons are in Canvas. The studies focus on college and workforce readiness and include everything from resume writing and interviewing skills to college searches and the application process.

The lessons also provide real-world experiences for the students. The virtual boards they’ll be working on will allow them to see actual current job postings from the district’s community partners. Students will also have opportunities on Zoom to meet with college representatives during their lunch breaks and get questions answered on March 11 and 12.