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Take 25 - APD gives summer safety tips at Dunn Elementary
Posted in on May 24, 2022

The last day of school is Thursday, which means summer break is right around the corner. Summertime fun often looks like family vacations, pool parties, afternoons in the park and, don’t forget, the barbeque.

While all those activities make for some of the most memorable moments during summer, Arlington Chief of Police Al Jones reminded students at Dunn Elementary that a fun summer isn’t possible without taking safety measures.

“We’re here in the community to make sure you’re safe, but we can’t do it without you,” said Jones. “Since I’ve been in Arlington, I’ve made sure our police are engaging with you so you can feel comfortable with us. We know that if you come up to us at any point, it’s time to figure out what you need and how to help you as quickly as possible.”

The Arlington Police Department is committed to ensuring safety in the community to everyone every day. Here are a few tips they gave at Dunn that you can discuss with your child to prepare them for summer.

Only talk to people you know on the phone, internet and social media

“Stranger danger” is real. Sometimes criminals try to take advantage of children by appealing to their desires on video games, social media and even in person. Kids, don’t engage in conversations with strangers online. Parents, be sure to monitor games, conversations and other apps on your child’s phone or computer to ensure they’re having safe, friendly conversations.

Practice pool safety

While pools are a great place for fun, they can also be dangerous without proper safety precautions. Always use a buddy system and never swim alone. If you see someone drowning, notify a lifeguard or the nearest adult. Call 911 immediately. And always avoid jumping, pushing and horse play at pools to ensure the safety of everyone.

APD Chief Al Jones share summer safety tips at Dunn Elementary

If you see something, say something

Whether you’re at the park or the Parks Mall, always report suspicious activity to police. If you see a fight or act of violence, call the police. Don’t put yourself in danger by trying to break up the confrontation. Even if you think it’s a small incident, never be afraid to call the police so they can handle the situation.

Read for 25 minutes per day

There are lots of benefits to taking some time to read every day. Reading for just 25 minutes per day builds empathy for others, creates a strong vocabulary and positively affects your mental and physical health.

So, whether your child is headed to summer camp or plans to soak up the sun with neighborhood friends, take 25 minutes to talk with them about safety plans for the home and community. Check out our Facebook Live for more safety tips so every child can enjoy a safe, fun summer break.