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Polar Express parade at Ashworth Elementary
Posted in on December 20, 2023

Polar Express parade involved the entire family

All aboard! Tickets please, tickets!  

You coming? 

The Ashworth Elementary kindergarteners embarked on their very first Polar Express parade, a creative, joy-filled journey through the school. 

But the adventure began at home, where these young engineers crafted their very own train cars.  

In fact, it was a family project initiated by kindergarten teacher Carol Hohman.  

Polar Express parade at Ashworth Elementary“It was amazing,” Hohman said. “We have almost 60 kids, and every single kid brought a train.”  

One after another, they marched to “The Polar Express” soundtrack as the audience laughed and cheered.  

“My favorite part was seeing all the other kids look at my train,” said kindergartner Willow J. “They were cheering for us.” 

Parents and family members were, too.  

“It touches their hearts, too,” said Ashworth principal Stacey Maddoux. “It makes them happy that their kids are happy to be a part of Ashworth.”  

Kindergarten parent Vanessa Herrera is the perfect example.  

Polar Express parade at Ashworth Elementary

“I love it, and I love this school,” Herrera said. “As soon as you walk in the door, everybody is always smiling.”  

And the adventure didn’t end there. From a virtual tour of the Polar Express to comparing the book and the movie in the classroom, it was a fun learning journey. 

Experiences like these not only contribute to a fun and engaging learning environment, but they also create lasting memories for the students and their families.  

They may not have been traveling through real mountains and the snow, but the hallways of Ashworth Elementary sure were magical.