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Board Brief April 4, 2024
Posted in on April 5, 2024

Board honors student of the month Ahfiah Alkinani

It’s already April, and that means the sprint to the end of the school year has started. Teachers and staff are incredibly busy with all the work and events that come at the end of the year, and the same goes for the Arlington ISD Board of Trustees. The trustees held a board meeting last night on April 4, 2024, and kicked off this busy season. Here are a few of the highlights from the meeting.

Some of the best things about the end of the school year are concerts, plays and musicals at Arlington ISD schools. And last night, the trustees got to hear two selections from Seguin High School’s upcoming musical “Into the Woods,” directed by Seguin theatre director Justin Lemieux. Freshman Honor Woodard sang “Giants in the Sky,” and two sophomores, Khalil Sylvester and Cecilia Razo, sang “It Takes Two.”

Student of the month for April 2024Then the board honored the April student of the month, senior Ahfiah Alkinani from Seguin High School. Ahfiah is a creative thinker and budding entrepreneur with big goals. She has already leveraged the power of e-commerce with a clothing resell business and has her eyes set on real estate after college. Speaking of college, Ahfiah will start as a sophomore next year, a testament to her hard work and dedication as a high school student. Congrats, Ahfiah!

Following a lot of the regular business – like approving purchases and new hires – the board took time to discuss its legislative agenda for the 89th Texas legislative session. That session doesn’t start until 2025, but it’s not too early to prepare. Education and school funding is going to be a huge topic in the legislature, and it’s important that the board communicates its priorities with local elected officials. Many of the district’s top priorities relate to school finance, student academic achievement and school safety. Trustees will continue to work on their draft in the coming weeks and approve the final legislative agenda at a future meeting.

Finally, Dr. Natalie Lopez, Arlington ISD assistant superintendent of research and accountability, and Dr. Laina McDonald, assistant superintendent of school leadership, gave the board a progress update on goals related to House Bill 3, which requires school boards to adopt improvement plans related to early childhood literacy and mathematics. Last night’s presentation focused on student outcomes on benchmark assessments.

Those are just a few of the highlights from the April 4 meeting. If you would like more details on any of these items, or any of the items not covered in this Board Brief, please click this link to watch the entire meeting.