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dwarfism month - Dunn Elementary
Posted in , on October 25, 2023

Small Package. Big Attitude. 

Last Friday, the T-shirt worn by Dunn Elementary student Mason McClain spoke for itself.

“Small Package. Big attitude.”

That’s all you need to know about the sixth grader.

And that’s exactly why the Dunn community participated in a campus “Green Day” in support of Dwarfism Awareness Month. Dwarfism is a genetic condition resulting in an adult height below 4’10.”

McClain, a dwarf, started his Arlington ISD education as a pre-K student at Dunn, which held its very first “Green Day” when McClain was just a little leaner in first grade.

Five years later, the school came back together for its second “Green Day” in support of McClain.

“I feel really happy,” said McClain. “I feel like a one-day celebrity.”

Although he feels like his fame only lasted one day, his teachers and peers would argue that he’s much more than just a one-day celebrity. He’s a role model.

Dwarfism month - Dunn Elementary“He makes a difference everywhere he goes,” said Dunn principal Mary Helen Burnett. “He’s kind. He’s funny. He’s sensitive, and he’s so talented.”

Last Friday morning, he even got the chance to speak on Dunn’s morning announcements and share how dwarfism affects his life physically, mentally and socially.

“I can’t reach very high things, I either have to use a stool or climb,” said McClain. “But learning-wise, it doesn’t affect me.”

Despite his physical differences, McClain participates in high academic adventures and sings for both Dunn and his local church choirs.

Outside of school, he’s just like any other kid. One who loves to play video games and hang out with his friends.

After two surgeries and lengthy recovery times, his positive attitude never fails to show through to his friends, family and the Dunn community.

“This is a school that includes everybody and everything,” said Burnett. “It’s important for our kids to grow up supporting students who need it in different ways.”

Awareness is a key step to kindness. And kindness is what we’re all about here in Arlington ISD!

Learn more about Dwarfism Awareness Month!

And remember to #LoveALittle.