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Art - Cake Club at Eat Your Art Out - Museum of Arlington
Posted in on May 1, 2024

Eat Your Art Out

The Arlington Museum of Art’s annual Eat Your Art Out event once again delighted dessert enthusiasts and art lovers alike with its delectable display of culinary creativity.

“We’re sweet on art, and we’re sweet on you” was this year’s theme, which celebrated the intersection of confectionery delights and artistic expression.

Bakers from across the community, including talented student chefs from Arlington ISD’s Cake Club at the Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center (CTC), brought their A-game to showcase an array of stunning sweet masterpieces.

Seniors like Iris Chung and Bridget Hardy worked with their Cake Club teammates to create a masterpiece to reflect the CTC and the lifestyle and culture being students at the CTC invokes.

“The showcase was so much fun!” Chung said. “I’ve been baking for the Cake Club for two years. I started baking cakes during COVID, and when I came to the CTC, it’s like I found a family with the same interest.”

Hardy’s journey is similar. She is inspired by her grandmother’s bakery, which sparked Hardy’s dream of opening her own bakery one day.

“It was awesome,” Hardy said. “I began baking because of my grandmother. She had a bakery when I was younger, and it inspired me to open my own bakery one day. The Cake Club helps me learn so much about baking, so if younger students want to be in culinary, I highly recommend the Cake Club.”

Word of their outstanding work is getting out.

The event drew attention from industry insiders like Dorkas Arroyo, secretary for Arlington ISD’s communications and marketing department and owner/head baker of Sweet Projects.

“The students from the CTC culinary program do a great job every year representing the district in this great event,” said Arroyo, who also displayed some of her artistic desserts at the event.

Eat Your Art Out not only tantalized taste buds but also served a noble cause, with proceeds supporting the Arlington Museum’s mission to present world-class art exhibitions and maintain free access to the Community Gallery.

Funds raised also contribute to the museum’s Education Center and the Summer Art Camp, providing scholarships for at-risk youth in partnership with Arlington ISD.