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Assistant Principal Tina Hatchett of Duff Elementary
Posted in on April 5, 2022

It’s National Assistant Principals Week! In the Arlington ISD we know how vital the role our APs play at every campus. They make a huge impact on the success of our students and staff. In honor of this week, we’re spotlighting several APs throughout the district.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on Duff Elementary assistant principal Tina Hatchett. The Arlington native is an administrator in the district she’s a proud product of. She graduated from Sam Houston High School in 1985.

Hometown: Arlington, Texas

Colleges: Texas Wesleyan (bachelor’s), University of North Texas (master’s)

Favorite hobbies: Exploring the Hill Country, traveling, reading

Years in Arlington ISD: 30

› What made you want to become an AP?

I love being an educator! I wanted to become an AP to serve and support teachers, students and families. Being an AP has allowed me to work with the most amazing people at the most amazing school in the most amazing city!

What route did you take to becoming an AP?

After 20 years in the classroom (six at Mary Moore and 14 at Duff), I had the opportunity to step out of the classroom and into the AP role at the same school! Duff has been my home for 24 years! Even on the hardest of days, it’s the very best place to be and I am thankful for the opportunity every day.

› What’s your favorite element of being an AP? 

My favorite element of being an AP is having a front-row seat to seeing teachers design and implement instruction and to see students engage and connect with learning! I also love that as administrators we partner with families from pre-K to sixth grade and watch them grow into leaders on campus and impact the future.

› Describe the legacy you want to leave at this school.

Honestly, when I joined the Duff family in 1998, I felt like I was continuing the legacy that has always been Duff … love people, work hard, make a difference!

› What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self? 

Hmmm. . . I could write a book here! I would love the opportunity to tell my younger self to buckle up because you are about to take a journey that will feel much like a rollercoaster ride. It’s fun, scary, exhilarating, frustrating, full of highs, lows, lots of curves and the best ride you’ll ever experience! I would also tell my younger self to buy the comfy shoes and leave the cute ones on the shelf!