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Posted in on November 22, 2023

Holiday dining with your pets

What if you’re sitting at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow and you have something on your plate that you just don’t want to eat – like maybe cranberry sauce? Or sweet potatoes? Can you pass it off to your dog?

With the holidays here, it’s important to know what types of food are safe for your pets and what foods are toxic for them. Arlington ISD’s veterinary medical applications class, which meets at the Agriculture Science Center, has some advice to help you keep your furry family members safe this holiday season.

“Dogs are actually very resilient and can have foods like sweet potatoes, unseasoned turkey, veggies and pumpkin,” said Addie Brotherton, a junior from Arlington High School.

But just remember, NO pie filling! It has to be real, authentic pumpkin.

“It’s also important to remember no turkey skin, bones or drippings,” said Travis Pappion, also a junior at Arlington High.

“Dogs should stay away from garlic, onions, mushrooms, stuffing, various seasonings and butter or fatty foods,” said Kinlee Cobel, the veterinary medical applications teacher. “These in combination can cause pancreatitis, GI issues and even worse.”

So, what about cats?

“Cats are in the same position as dogs,” said Rem’niere Sias, a junior at Seguin High School.  “They can eat unseasoned white meat such as turkey breast. But like Ms. Cobel said, turkey skin is very high in fat, which can be life-threatening to any cat or dog.”

Keep your pets safe and healthy this holiday season. Make sure you give your dogs and cats food that is healthy for them and ask your holiday guests not to feed them.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pets!