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Posted in , on January 26, 2024

Bus drivers impact students every day

Bus drivers play a crucial role in the education of students in the Arlington ISD.

Every day.

“We’re the first ones the students see in the morning besides mom, and that smile counts,” said Tomica Gray, a 28-year veteran in the Arlington ISD transportation department. “It takes the students a long way.”

Gray is now the transportation department’s assistant safety tech, but she spent most of her career driving a school bus. So, she knows.

Without bus drivers, students don’t get to school. And they don’t get the transportation they need to experience the incredible future-building opportunities that are available at the Arlington ISD Career + Tech Center or the Agriculture Science Center or anywhere else in the district and beyond. They don’t get to compete in sports or travel to play in concerts. And the list goes on and on.

But with bus drivers, the 55,000-plus students in the Arlington ISD have access to an incredible education and limitlessly bright future.

“It takes special people to drive your buses,” Gray said. “And they’re good kind of people.”

Bus drivers are the kind of people who love kids and love making a lasting impact in their lives. And, of course, they’re good drivers.

If you’re that kind of person and want that kind of career, the Arlington ISD needs you.

Nothing beats the impact you can have on students, but Arlington ISD knows that’s not all you need. That’s why the district now starts new bus drivers at $24 an hour and offers great benefits.

“I enjoy the flexibility that I have during the day and my time off during the holidays,” Gray said.

Come learn more about becoming a bus driver or check out some of the many other available careers at the Arlington ISD Job Fair on Thursday, Feb. 1, from 5-7 p.m. at Webb Elementary School. Learn more and register for the expo here.