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Naval Academy - Martin High School graduate and future Naval Academy midshipman Owen Hulme
Posted in , , on June 18, 2024

Eagle Scout about to become a Naval Academy midshipman

Determined, passionate and fearless, he’s Martin High School graduate and soon-to-be United States Naval Academy midshipman Owen Hulme.  

Hulme is ready to embrace the challenges of the four-year academy. 

“It’s been lots of running and lots of working out,” Hulme said. “It’s also been lots of studying on naval history.” 

For Hulme, his journey into the military is about more than just serving his country. It’s also about learning to lead those around him.  

“I want to serve as an officer,” he said. “I want to lead my brothers and sisters in arms. I’ve always liked standing up and leading the people around me. I want to learn from the best.” 

In fact, Hulme’s leadership has always been evident through his involvement at Martin as a swim team captain, roboboat member and active participant in his STEM courses.  

Inspired by Eric Blehm’s book “Fearless,” Hulme felt destined to enter the Naval Academy after graduation.  

“Reading about his story and what he had to overcome, it really pushed me,” Hulme said. “The caliber of people I wanted to work with was exactly who was represented in the book.”  

That’s also why Eagle Scout leader and former Army Ranger John Burdick has helped mentor Hulme along the way.  

“He helped me a lot in figuring out what I wanted to do and what the best way to do that was,” Hulme said.  

As a thirty-year veteran, Burdick knows Hulme will make an outstanding officer one day. 

“He’s a great scout and a great young man,” Burdick said. “When you think of an Eagle Scout and what comes to mind – a person always willing to take charge, be a leader, jump in to help wherever it’s needed, carries a great personality, upbeat and helpful – that’s Owen.” 

After submitting over 15 essays and earning a congressional nomination, Hulme was accepted into the academy with a full scholarship.  

For students interested in following the same path, Hulme’s advice is simple. 

“Get started on the application process as early as you can and believe in yourself,” he said.  

Later this month, Hulme will make his way to the academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where he plans to major in ocean engineering. After he graduates, he’ll embark on an eight-year commitment in the Navy, five of which will be served on active duty. 

“I am so incredibly proud of him, and I am overjoyed that he made it in,” Burdick said. “He’s worked so hard to achieve this goal. Anybody who sees his success can take that from it. If you have a goal, it is absolutely possible to achieve it.”  

His story inspires his peers to have the strength never to give up on their dreams.  

“It’s a lot of hard work, you’ve got to want it,” he said. “But it’s so worth it.” 

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