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Posted in , on January 21, 2022

Arlington ISD parents and guardians have until Jan. 31 to request a review of their pandemic-electronic benefit transfer (P-EBT) benefits for the 2020-21 school year.

To qualify for 2020-21 school year P-EBT benefits, applications had to be submitted through YourTexasBenefits and children had to meet criteria to be eligible.

If a parent or caregiver wants to know why their child did not receive 2020-21 school year P-EBT benefits, they can call the P-EBT call center at 833-442-1255 and ask for a request for review.

The deadline to request a review for the P-EBT summer benefit is Feb. 28. To qualify for the summer P-EBT benefits, children had to meet certain criteria to be eligible.

To find out why your child did not qualify for that benefit, you can call the same number at 833-442-1255 and ask for a request for review.

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