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Summer safety tips from APD Chief Al Jones at the Take 25 event at Webb Elementary
Posted in , on May 16, 2024

Take 25 minutes to talk about summer safety

With only a week remaining until summer break, it’s almost time to swim, play and relax. 

While classes may soon be out, safety precautions must stay in!  

“We want kids to be safe, be happy, make good choices and continue learning over the summertime,” said Arlington ISD superintendent Dr. Matt Smith. 

Summer safety tips at the Take 25 event at Webb ElementaryThat’s why Smith and Arlington Police Chief Al Jones joined forces to remind Webb Elementary fourth and fifth graders how to stay safe this summer. It’s part of the annual Take 25 initiative. Through the campaign, parents and guardians are encouraged to take 25 minutes to talk to their children about staying safe.   

“Today is about taking 25 minutes to have a conversation about safety,” Jones said. 

The chief, his team and Smith shared their tips and expertise while opening the floor for students to ask their own safety questions. 

Pool safety, park safety, internet safety, stranger danger, bullying and even shark attacks were all topics of conversation among Jones, Smith and the Webb Wallabies.  

“I am very proud for the opportunity that we had for our students to gain some tips on safety and security,” said Webb principal Evelyn Navarro-Gaspar. “A lot of the topics that were presented today are hot topics for our youth. I am very thankful that moving forward they will be safe this summer.”  

Summer safety tips at the Take 25 event at Webb ElementaryIn any dangerous situation, students were urged to call 911, use their loudest scream and reach out to a trusted adult. 

“There are certain safe people that you can always reach out to,” Jones said. “Those safe people are right here in this room. Like myself, we’re in uniforms. You can come to us, let us know what happened and we can handle the situation.”  

The Arlington Police Department is committed to the safety of the community every single day. Here are a few tips it shared: 

  • Only talk to people you know on the internet and social media. 
  • Be kind on the internet and social media. 
  • Always use the buddy system whether you are at the pool, park, mall or any other public place.  
  • Use parental controls. 
  • If you see something, say something.  

“It’s important for everybody to know what is supposed to take place if something happens to us, our friends or our family,” Jones said. “That’s what this is all about.” 

For more safety tips to practice this summer, check out our video from the event.