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Thank you, Dr. C!
Posted in , on April 5, 2023

We’re saying goodbye to our beloved superintendent, Dr. Marcelo Cavazos. After 11 years in the position and 23 years in the Arlington ISD, Dr. Cavazos is retiring. 

Fill out the form to send Dr. C your well wishes for retirement and we’ll post your comments below.

To RSVP to attend Dr. Cavazos’ retirement celebration, email Anita Foster by April 27. You can view the invitation below the comment form. 

Please join the Arlington ISD Board of Trustees for a retirement celebration honoring Dr. Marcelo Cavazos on Tuesday, May 2 from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Center for Visual and Performing Arts, 900 E. Sanford St.

Thank You’s and Well Wishes for Dr. C

Thank you Dr. Cavazos for always recognizing that every employee in every position is of value and deserves your time and recognition. It has been a joy to work for a leader who is humble and kind and a great example to every child who has passed through the doors in the Arlington ISD.
- Grace Frederick, Technology Operations

Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. C! You have been an AMAZING leader to our district, and you will be greatly missed. My favorite memory of you is the time you told your story of starting out in the okra fields. This story has always resonated with me because it reminds me of my family's humble beginnings. I've always felt welcomed and seen in your presence, and I truly admire how you handle yourself and lead with kindness. I wish you lots of love, peace, and fun in your retirement!
- Mayra Becerra, Ousley Junior High

Gracias por su compromiso y liderazgo durante el tiempo de pandemia. AISD lideró facilitando recursos para estudiante y maestros.
- Maria Valencia Pena, Johns Elementary

Hi Dr. C,
My favorite memory was when we bumped into each other at the AMC on Eastchase and how warm and gracious you are. You are one of a kind and will be missed.
- Rasheeda, SFIO

Thank you Dr. C for creating a culture in AISD that inspires, propels, and cultivates its talents. This is the third district I have worked for, and, by far, my favorite. Every leader I have worked with has been of a growth mindset for themselves and their staff. That starts at the top. I am now working in a leadership role for the district and will continue that work. You leadership example will be carried on in those who have grown with you as an example. On a side note, I will miss hearing you speak. You are an awesome storyteller!
- Shavonia Finley, Curriculum & Instruction

I am grateful for your leadership and service to the Arlington Community.
- Dr. Angela Eaton, Key Elem

Dear Dr. C,
I want to thank you for your knowing my name and knowing my work with students in our special ed. department. You have been a role model for me for many years, I appreciate your care for the district and keeping students as your focus.
Have a wonderful next adventure!
- Dr. Karin Kliemann, Special Education

Dr. Cavazos,
Thank you for everything you’ve done for Arlington ISD and the City of Arlington itself. Through every high and low, you persisted through every challenge, failure, and success. It’s been great to call you our superintendent and I wish you happiness and success as you spend the rest of your life with your family in retirement. Once again, thank you, thank you very much. We will honor your work and your legacy. For all of us, here in the City of Arlington.
- Vince C. (Cohort 2025), Lamar High School

Dr. Cavazos,
What a class act! I taught your son at Key Elementary! You and your wife have such hearts for the district and your family! I thank you for all you have done our students and wish you well in your future endeavors.
- Laurel Richardson,

Thank you, Dr. Cavazos for creating an environment of growth not just for our students but, for staff. I feel like I have grown so much in the few years that I have been with AISD. You have been a great leader. Many blessings.
- Claudia Soto , First Grade Bil Teacher, Rankin Elem

Dr. Cavazos, aka Dr C.,

How does one say thank you to a man that has devoted his life's work to serving thousands of children? I'm not sure, but I'll try my best. You've poured so much into this community, into its schools, and into its children, and I will be forever grateful for your guidance and friendship. Whenever I've needed to call upon your counsel, you have been there. Through the good times and not-so-good, I always knew I could count on you. I think the most we can ask from a leader is to leave their organization in a better state than when they arrived. You, sir, have done that a thousand fold. Thank you and good luck with the next adventure in your life,

All the best,
- Shahveer Dhalla, Office of School Leadership

Dr. Cavazos,

I have been a teacher in AISD for 9 years (including this one). I was a Teaching Assistant before that and I remember the name that came before yours (because I remember seeing it on emails). I can't tell you what he looks like; I don't think I ever saw him in person. But I've seen you. Many have seen you. You visit campuses and are present within your district and I appreciate that. I also believe you were doing everything within your power to do what was best for students AND staff during the pandemic (even without set procedures to do so and with differing opinions all over the place I'm sure).

Thank you, Dr. Cavazos, for your 11 years of service. You will be missed!
- Whitney DeMent, Peach Elementary / Special Education

Thank you for your presence at Bowie HS when my classes created new menu items for all the high schools across the district. My students felt heard, appreciated and rewarded. It was a joy for the superintendent to see all the hard work they displayed and talk so highly of them 🙂
- Amberly Craven, Bowie HS/ CTE & Athletics

Dr. Cavazos
De corazón le agradezco todo lo que hizo durante el tiempo que dedico a mejorar las escuelas, la educación y la participación familiar.
Me dio mucha tristeza escuchar que se iva y a la vez gusto saber que ahora podra disfrutar de su jubilación y a su familia.
De verdad muchas Gracias por todo lo que hizo para los estudiantes de Arlington.
Le deseo lo mejor del mundo.
Laura Garcia y el grupo (MEM)
- Laura Garcia, Sam Houston y Rankin

Congratulations on your retirement! I have been blessed to work for Arlington ISD under your leadership for almost four years. I have been so impressed with you during this time and will miss your leadership. Thank you for all that you have given our district and for being a great leader for our organization.
- Kim Domke, Technology/Information and Instructional Systems

Thank you Dr. Cavazos for your many years of excellent service, commitment, and kindness. You have truly been an exemplary leader through some very challenging years. Enjoy your retirement, you have earned it.
- Belinda Tyler, School Nurse, Ashworth Elem

Congratulations on your retirement! Your leadership will be missed in AISD. You have done such an outstanding job of leading and providing a vision for our district. I feel so blessed to have worked under your leadership and appreciate the opportunities you have provided me to grow as a leader. Thank you for being a leader that maintains a relentless focus on excellence and equity. You have impacted so many and continually challenged all stakeholders to serve all students "exceptionally well." Thank you for the positive impact you have made and for the legacy you leave in Arlington ISD. Wishing you all the best in retirement.
- Christi Buell, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary, Office of School Leadership

Good luck in your next chapter. It has been a pleasure having you as our Superintendent.
Happy for you. You have done so much for AISD.

Again Thank you,
- Marina Castro, Health Services

Dear Dr. Cavazos, thank you for all of your hard work and efforts while serving AISD! I feel honored to have worked under your leadership! One of the memories that I think of the most has to do with when Dunn Elementary School flooded due to frozen pipes and we had to bus our students to Wimbish. It was a huge undertaking. When I arrived at Dunn the very first morning to assist with getting students on the bus, I was thrilled to see you there. It was just one of the many ways you showed your support to the AISD staff and students throughout your time here. We will miss you as our superintendent but wish you the best of luck and joy as you embark on your new journey!!
In love and support...
- Krystal Cagle, Speech-Language Pathologist, Dunn ES

From my entry into Arlington ISD you modeled what an exceptional leader is. You maintained people as your guiding light. I always felt seen and valued in our interactions, and I know there was intentionality in your part to do so. Dr. Cavazos, you always held the highest of expectations from all of us and showed you would support us in accomplishing these. I am greatly for the opportunity to have worked for you and for Arlington ISD. The culture you created here is something that is unique and a strength. I wish for you and your family the very best during this well deserved new chapter in your life. Your impact and legacy will continue for many years to come!
- Delisse Hardy, Department of World Languages

Dr. Cavazos,

Thank you for everything that you have done for our students, for the district as a whole and for the city during your years of service at AISD. Your vision, insight and guidance for making a better tomorrow for our students is unparalleled. Personally, I also have enjoyed working with you over the years, both during my time at APD and here at the district. I hope you have a wonderful retirement and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
- David Stevens, Security

Thank you for your years of service. You have truly set a new standard that gives me pity for any who must succeed you. It does however give me hope that with the standard of steadfast excellence you have created it cannot help but lift those up and bring them to new heights. You took over as our superintendent when I was a young family man. I was then in the middle of making a decision for my family's future. Stay in Arlington or move to another community. It was you, one morning at the Arlington Lions Club meeting sharing your vision for what Arlington could be and what you promised it would be. That very day I told my wife "we need to stay in Arlington." You have kept that promise and delivered so much more. You inspire me to be more involved in my community and be a better role model for my family. I will never forget how you have impacted my life whether you realize it or not, your impact on me has been great. Words will never be able to fully express it but for now, a simple "thank you" and "well done" will have to do. Thank you so much, well done and enjoy your retirement with the humble pride that must be yours for the years you have labored for the betterment of so many people. Thank you doc.
Sincerely and most respectfully,
- Corey Harris, Arlington Board of Realtors

Greetings Dr Cavazos! Thank you for everything you have done for AISD! Enjoy your retirement! God bless and keep you!
- Valarie Hines , Martin High school/custodial

Happy retirement Dr. C. Have fun in your next chapter in life.
- Kit C. Behringer, FNS 937

Dear Dr. Cavazos,

Congratulations on pushing through all these years! I have been working in AISD since spring 2016. I remember you coming to Bowie to speak on at least one occasion. It has been a pretty crazy past few years and we have looked to you for leadership during these times. You will be greatly missed. Hopefully, you can relax more now and give more time to yourself and family after retirement.
- Monica Marie Ramirez, Bowie HS Math, OnRamps, PTECH

Gracias por todo el gran trabajo que atreves de todos estos años a dedicado a cada uno de los miembros de este distrito. Su dedicación está representada en todo el distrito. Su respecto hacia cada miembro de los integrantes del distrito fue crucial al éxito de su gran liderazgo. Agradezco de corazón a ver tenido el honor de aprender tanto en cada una de nuestras reuniones. Su liderazgo va a ser una gran perdida para nuestro distrito. Le deseo lo mejor en su nuevo capitulo de vida. Dios lo ilumine con salud y bienestar.
Con cariño y aprecio,
- Fedra Castañeda Lara, Webb Elementary

Cheers to Dr. Cavazos the Most Caring, Considerate, Always with a Smile or an encouraging Word!! So Thankful I had the Opportunity to work under such a Terrific Superintendent!!! You have made this district what it is today!! You considered everyone who lived here and created a place where Students and Teachers could Thrive!! You will Truly be missed!!!! Now who can I give a hard time to in the Big Office. May God Bless You and Your Family with Lots of Love and Many Happy Wishes as you continue your Journey!!
- Louellen Brown, Pearcy Stem Academy/ Teacher

You always have a smile on your face and have kind greetings for everyone you see.
My favorite memory of you is when you came to our Nurse's meeting and spoke kind words about the service of the Nurse profession. We had a picture taken of all the nurses and you said for me to stand by you in the picture; I said I was honored to stand by him and he replied that he was the one that was honored.
After 17 years I'm retiring also. I wish for you every happiness and May God Bless you and your family in your new chapter of your life.
- Cathy E Wilkerson, Atherton Elementary Clinic

I truly hate that I will be out of town and will miss the celebration of Dr. Cavazos’ time with us!
As the daughter of a namesake, I can state with confidence that my dad would have been proud of Dr. Cavazos’ accomplishments. He would have, of course, supported the past bond election with all the advancements made in updating learning environments so desperately needed. Dr. Cavazos’ own children learned within the walls of one of those worn-out environments, but they also became a member of the community and family environment that Gunn Jr High wraps their students in. Now that community thrives in a gorgeous, elegantly designed environment, with technological advances, because of the leadership and discernment of the AISD School Board of Trustees and Dr. Cavazos.
However, this should also be a celebration of Nora Cavazos’ contributions to AISD. In addition to being a member of the PTA and an Officer of all their children’s schools, she was the anchor to “keeping the home fires burning” for both Dr. Cavazos and their children. I am certain her schedule was often as chaotic as his, mostly as a result of his essential role. Not anyone in such a demanding role would be able to accomplish anything without the support of their spouse and family. So, for every accomplishment we recognize for Dr. Cavazos, I would also like to give a standing ovation to his amazing wife, Nora.
Thank you Dr. Cavazos and Nora Cavazos, for the dedication and sacrifices made for the Arlington Independent School District. I wish the very best in your future endeavors!
- Susan Gunn, Gunn Jr High Fine Arts & Dual Language Academy

Thank you Dr. Cavazos for being an amazing superintendent. I appreciate your grace and wisdom. You have the best listening skills of any leader I have ever worked with. You have been a blessing to AISD. I am very thankful for getting to work with you. Many well wishes for your retirement!
- Serena Howcroft, Shackelford Junior High

Thank you so much for consistently considering all stakeholders in every decision. The flexibility of the district, especially during COVID, relieved a lot of stress. Under your leadership, I have been proud to be an AISD employee. I always felt confident that you were making informed decisions that would benefit everyone as much as possible. Your compassionate leadership is admired and you will be missed.
- Shamarah Palmer,

When asked “Who are leaders that have been inspirations on your own journey?” Your name will always rise to the top of that list. Thank you for taking a chance on me and giving me opportunity after opportunity to grow in my leadership. You trusted me with two different campuses, and I will never forget your mentorship and guidance as I developed as a leader. I will forever be honored to say that I worked under your phenomenal leadership and did my part to carry out your vision for the district.
- Reny Lizardo, Dr. C's Favorite Principal

Congratulations on your retirement thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us u will be missed by your AISD family
- April Dennis,

En hora buena; Dios lo bendiga!
- Maria Avalos, Juan Seguin High School

Que le vaya muy bien, gracias por su servicio.
- Claudina Romero , Bebensee Elementary, Ousley JH, Seguin HS

Mr Cavazos thank you so much for good things you give to all kids. I hope God bless you thanks for your time you work for AISD. God bless you thanks
- Sandra Cardoza, Lamar High School

Thank you for all the years of making a brighter and better future for our children. Wishing you a well deserved retirement and rewarding future endeavours. God bless you and family.
- Odenore Isibor, Parent

Great work I remember some of your speech you gave in 2016 at my graduation put some wind in my pocket
- Abbas, Venture High School

I first met Dr. Cavazos at my daughter's NHS program. He mentioned how he grew up in the Valley and lived in Mission, TX. I approached him after the meeting and started chatting with him about the Valley being my hometown too. He asked me where I worked and then asked me why I was not working in Arlington. I told him I had applied a few times but didn't get the job. He encouraged me to apply again and I got a job as an AP at Seguin HS. I have been in Arlington for 8 years because of Dr. Cavazos.

Thank you for encouraging me in applying in Arlington. Best decision I've made. We will miss your leadership.
- Rosa Darkwa, Seguin HS/Assistant Principal

Thank you for all of the years of service to Arlington ISD. You will be missed!!!
- Susan Welch, Crow Leadership Academy

Dear Dr. Cavazos,

Please allow me to share my heart felt thanks for your many years of leadership, service, and dedication in the Arlington ISD. We are better today for having your leadership throughout the years. You have seen us through some very uncertain times with dignity and grace, and you provided us with continued support and guidance to be the leaders we needed to be for our Arlington families. Thank you for imparting your vision and wisdom that will continue to guide us in the years to come. I wish you all the best on this next journey of your life.

Best Wishes,
- Dana Ware, Assistant Principal, Farrell Elementary

Muchas gracias Dr. Cavazos por apoyar nuestro distrito en Arlington y por su apoyo a nuestros hijos y a la comunidad hispana DIOS lo bendiga
- Carmen Pérez , Bebensee Elementary

Congratulations Dr. Cavazos on your Retirement, Enjoy this new Chapter in your life with your family. May God bless you always, I wish we would of had the opportunity to met personally.
- Rosa Morales, Lynn Hale Elementary

Thanks for being a GREAT, appreciative, caring human and a well respected leader.
You never made me feel less-than. You will truly be missed! HAPPY RETIREMENT!
Wishing you a lifetime full of love and happiness.
- Teresa Davenport, Visual & Performing Arts, Arlington ISD

Dr. C,

We were truly blessed to have had you as our leader. I know how much you have impacted my life and my leadership, but to hear everyone say the same thing shows just how amazing you are. You have a positive influence on every person you interact with and we are all better because of our time spent with you. I truly wish you and your family all the best in this new chapter. I hope you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for a long time to come. Don't be a stranger.

The fake "safety meeting" will now make me never trust Michael Hill's zoom meeting requests again. And I'm serious about you being our PTA president.

Take it easy, my friend.
- Stacie Humbles, Arlington High School

Exciting times are ahead for you in this next journey. I enjoyed my time working for you, and wish you all the best.
- Cynthia Jones, Retired Admin Asst, Superintendent’s Office

¡Usted lo logró, Dr. Cavazos! Enhorabuena por todos los logros obtenidos durante estos 11 años, siempre humilde, positivo y motivando a todos en el AISD a ser y hacer lo mejor para tener éxito. Y usted me motivó a mi esos deseos por hacer un cambio. Hoy mi hija está en la Universidad, y mis otros dos hijos pequeños siguen sus pasos y se que todo esto es posible gracias a las oportunidades en el AISD, y que fue usted quien tenía eso en mente desde el principio. Que todos los estudiantes dieran lo mejor de sí mismos, y los padres debiamos de involucrarnos. Así que la usted sembró la semilla y ya se está viendo la cosecha. No hay palabras para expresar todo su apoyo, y reconocer su liderazgo en el AISD, solo me queda decirle: MISIÓN CUMPLIDA, MUCHAS GRACIAS Y QUE DIOS LO BENDIGA EN SU RETIRO! Usted ha hecho historia en la Ciudad de Arlington! Enhorabuena 👏 y Honor a quien Honor merece✨️
- Sara Caballero,

Thank you, Dr. Cavazos, for your genuine concern for and belief in Arlington's students. Your leadership is inspiring, and your dedication to education is outstanding! We at HOPE Tutoring have appreciated your support and encouragement through the years, and we wish you every happiness in your retirement.
- Kathy Mitchell, HOPE Tutoring Center, Inc.

Dr. Cavazos,

Being your secretary for nine years was the most rewarding experience me! Thank you for allowing me to support you prior to your time as superintendent! I appreciate you and the impact you have had on the students of Arlington ISD, especially my grandsons. I will be praying for you and your family as you prepare for the next journey. Always stay true to you! Thank you Marcela!

- Carole Lofton Kilgore, Research and Accountability

I have known Dr. Cavazos, since I was at Webb Elementary, my mom Diana Astran - Rodriguez would always attend the board meetings and special events and of course I would attend with her. I then joined working for AISD 10 years ago, and have seen Dr. Cavazos at the schools and special events. When Dr. Cavazos would see me he would ask for my mom and smile and give me a hug. You will be missed but can't wait what you do next and enjoy this new chapter of your journey.
- Angelica Barron, Wimbish World Language Academy

Dr. Cavazos

You have been a role model and an exceptional leader for not only Arlington ISD, but also for Texas. I have grown professionally observing your leadership through the pandemic as well as the daily opportunities this career brings each of us. You have fans in your neighboring district and I wish you happiness and well deserved relaxation in your new journey. Thank you for your leadership!
- Karen Molinar, Deputy Superintendent - Fort Worth ISD

Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. Cavazos!

You have made a tremendous impact on our school district and community over the past 23 years. You've also made an impact on so many leaders across all levels of the organization, including myself. Thank you for modeling kindness, curiosity, and transparency in each of our interactions. While you'll be greatly missed, I'm excited for whatever the future holds for you and I'm confident that your exemplary leadership will positively impact all future endeavors.

Thank you for the sacrifices you have made in order to serve the students, staff, and stakeholders of Arlington ISD. All the best to you and your family!
- Steve Simpson, Technology Integration & Innovation (TI²)

Thank you Dr. Cavazos for your leadership! Your wisdom and guidance is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your next adventure and know that your impact on students, staff, and the community in AISD has been amazing!
- Tina Hatchett, Duff Elementary Assistant Principal

Marcelo - I would like to wish you a happy retirement full of good health, great memories, lots of grand children and possibly a motorcycle. I have enjoyed working with you all these years. I will miss you a lot. Especially that great smile of yours.
God Bless you and yours,
- Joan Alvey, Part Time Temp Accounts Payable

Estimado Dr. Cavazos:
Reconociendo la labor que hizo usted en este puesto, poniendo en alto a la comunidad hispana, agradezco a usted que siempre fue una persona muy accesible y orgullosa de sus raices, hablando en toda oportunidad en español, deseo que el nuevo capitulo de su carrera siga en ascendencia y cumpla sus objetivos.
Con aprecio y admiracion, su servidora.
- Guadalupe Davila, Short Elementary/ Manager Cafeteria/Food Service

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication for Arlington ISD. As you enter this next stage called retirement, I hope you and your family make wonderful and new memories to cherish. Enjoy this well deserved retirement!
- Evelyn DuBois, Williams Elem Nurse

The Gunn Kitchen Staff would like to wish you a great journey on the road to retirement, enjoy your time traveling, relaxing, and happiness. May the Creator bless your steps on this journey.
and i just want to say one more thing, "LET'S PARTY "
- Lydia Le'Chon, Gunn Cafeteria

Thank you for always supporting Food & Nutrition Services! You will be missed!
- Mrs. King, Food & Nutrition Services

Dr. Cavazos,
May God Bless you as you embrace this new season and endeavors. Your leadership and presence has indeed been the core within the district. The ability to have the same pleasant spirt with anyone that you were in the presence of especially the children was in fact amazing. The legacy that you have created will continue to shine. I selected one of my favorite quotes I thought would be very fitting for an Awesome person and Leader. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Dr. Cavazos you demonstrated this gracefully. God Bless you and your Family you will be missed.
- Melindaaprell Johnson, Curriculum and Instruction - Clerk Department of Early Childhood Learning

I distinctly remember attending the BEAM Conference in Arlington and hearing you speak during a Superintendents' Panel years ago. That was the moment that I recognized, "This is the person I want to work for". I found my way to Arlington ISD the next year and have not looked back! Thank you for your leadership, humor, honesty, dedication, and inspiration. You will be missed!
- Lilly Hamner, Early Childhood Department

Thank you Dr. C for your leadership! I have enjoyed getting to know you and wish you a Happy Retirement.
- Camille Austin-Henderson, Sherrod Elementary

Ha sido un gran placer trabajar con usted. Para mi usted ha sido ejemplo de que los hispanos podemos también lograr muchos sueños. Gracias por su sencillez y humildad.

Que la gracia y bendición del Todopoderoso esté con usted y su familia siempre.

Disfrute y viaje mucho! üòÇ
- Enid Toro, Thornton-PK-3 Bilingual Teacher

Thank You Sir, for your years of service.

I'm going to miss that beautiful smile you always represented everytime I seen you.

You multitest very well. Even though I knew your job and your private life were difficult at times.

However, with that smile you let me know that even though we hurt inside, we know we can make it!!

Enjoy your retirement Dr. Cavazos and continue to Love on your family.
- Cpl. Sharon Gardner, Ferguson Education Center

Dr. Cavazos thanks for the conversations in your office and all of the yummy dove chocolates I could chow down. I appreciate you listening to my concerns. I pray you have an exciting fulfilled life during retirement. Thanks for looking out for us and trying to make this a better place for our students and teachers. I do wish we could of received that bump up for all of us hired in 2007-2010. I will still try with the new SI lol. Remember I always say "a closed mouth is never fed". Enjoy life with your family..
- Kellie C Macklin-Henderson, Starrett

First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of a great organization. Also, please know you are and always will be a blessing to AISD. Enjoy your retirement you deserve it!
- Jacque Burden, Foster ES

Thank you for your service, in leading Arlington ISD to new heights! Although I have only been with the district since 2021, everyone in my department and beyond speaks very highly of your character, leadership, and vision for the district.

Enjoy your next endeavor!
- Shaun Grant, Arlington Independent School District

Dr. Cavazos!

A Sido un honor tenerlo Como Superintendent, gracias por su Humildad y por El amor y respeto a todos nuestros Estudiantes y staff. Le deceo un hermoso Retiro que disfrute y descanse. Que Dios le den muchos años con salud y vida.Lo vamos a estrañar.
- Ana L Hidalgo, Webb Elem. Food Service

I appreciate all things you have done to grow the teachers, leaders, and students in AISD. I know it hasn't been easy leading a district through the pandemic but you lead gracefully. You always have the best interest of your students and teacher at heart. As an instructional coach in AISD, you have always felt it was important to come and share your vision and ask our ideas, thoughts and opinions about things happening or coming to the district. I appreciate you always being transparent about how you believe our role is important to our campuses and we are critical to the work that must happen on our campuses to grow and excel our students.

I hope you get some much needed rest, recovery and family time during retirement. Congratulations on the next adventure in life!
- Kamaria Stephens, Patrick Elementary/Instructional Coach/AISD

Best wishes!
- Baldemar Garcia jr., Warehouse/ Dpt 902

Congratulations. Have a good retirement.
- Guillermo Duque, Warehouse/ Dpt 902

Congratulations. Good luck! Enjoy your retirement. We will miss you.
- Martina Flores, Warehouse Dpt 902

It has been a pleasure working under your leadership. Your heart for students comes through in everything you do. Enjoy your retirement and your cafecito in the wee hours of the morning when all is calm and your most pressing decision will be if you change out of your slippers for more practical shoes.
- Mickey Cañas, Arlington ISD - Office of School Leadership

Congratulations on your retirement! May this next chapter of life bring you endless time to do the things you love!
- Telisa Brown, Arlington ISD - Guidance & Counseling Department

Dr. Cavazos,

It has truly been an honor to serve under your leadership. You are the true definition of a servant leader. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into the Arlington community and for inspiring all educators.

The gift of service leads to a life of love!
- Stephanie Savala, Speer Elementary

Thank you Dr. Cavazos for everything you have done for ISD through your years here. You always showed that you cared about ALL children and ALL employees from the smallest to the biggest. You did so much for the employees but mostly for the students of AISD, and I personally thank you for that and I wish you a very happy and enjoyable retirement in this next chapter of life for you and your family.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. God Bless you and yours!

- Christy Coombes, Kooken Education Center

Ha sido un honor y orgullo trabajar para y con un líder como usted. Gracias por su incansable labor para optimizar la calidad de la educación en nuestro distrito. Gracias por el compromiso incondicional con nuestros niños. Gracias por dejarles instalaciones modernas y bonitas que los motiven a asistir y a disfrutar la escuela. Ese legado continuará por muchos años. Sin lugar a dudas, su período como superintendente marcó la diferencia en Arlington ISD. A nivel personal debo darle gracias por su sencillez y cortesía, a través de todos estos años, siempre me hizo sentir valorada en nuestras múltiples interacciones. Mis mejores deseos para esta nueva etapa de su vida, estoy segura de que la va a disfrutar y de que va a ser tan exitosa como la anterior.
- Angela Peragine, SSI,Thornton Elementary

You have changed Arlington and changed the world. Thank you.
- Jeremy Earnhart, Music for All

Dr. Cavazos,

Thank you for 23 years of service in the Arlington ISD. When I returned to Arlington after obtaining my library certification, you wrote an encouraging letter of appreciation to me; I had just completed my first year as a librarian with the district. Though I didn't realize it at the time, I continued growing as a leader during your time as superintendent and am now an Assistant Principal. I still hold on to that letter, and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow as a leader in this district because of your vision and direction.

Many well wishes on the next step of your leadership journey.
- Andrea Brown Msando, Adams Elementary | Assistant Principal

Dr. Cavazos,

Congratulations on your retirement! Thank you for being a role model, mentor and motivator to me for the last twenty plus years. I appreciate your leadership, vision and love for our entire learning community. I wish you well in the next chapter of your journey. Congratulations to you and your family!!!
- Aaron Perales, Engagement, Equity and Access

Dr. Cavazos --

It has been wonderful working with you and seeing you in action for my 8 years here! Thank you for being a dedicated advocate for students, and for exemplifying a true servant leadership spirit. I wish every person in leadership roles is as down-to-earth and action-oriented as you! Thank you and I wish you much happiness and joy as you move to the next phase of life/career!
- Brenda Lohse, Grants/Fund Development

YAY Dr. Cavazos!!!! When I came back to AISD this year it felt like coming home. When you welcomed the new teachers I remember you saying that you were not going to be leaving the district anytime soon. I wish that was the case. Just when I came back, you decided to leave. I will not take it personally. You have done an amazing job and it is now your time to relax and know that you have made a difference in the lives of Arlington families and teachers that have had the priviledge to work in this district. It has been a pleasure working with you. You made AISD a REMARKABLE place to work. YAY AISD!!!!
- Pamela Aranda, Johns Elementary/ YAY PRE-K!!!!

Thank you for your service and I wish you nothing but absolute bliss in your retirement! You will definitely be missed.
- Chrislon Snell, South Davis Elementary/ Dean of Instruction

Dr. Cavazos, You are a role model to me and to many students who see in you the possibility of success! Thank you for your endless commitment to the Arlington ISD students and for all of the sacrifices you have made away from your family. I admire your steady leadership that never wavered even during times of uncertainty. Most importantly, thank you for leading with heart. Congratulations on your retirement!
- Claudia Morales, OSL Arlington ISD

Congratulations on your retirement! Arlington is going to miss you. Thank you for always supporting Dental Health Arlington and Youth Leadership Arlington. I wish you all the best. You have done so much for the students in AISD, I cannot express my gratitude enough both as a former AISD student and a parent of an AISD student, and a partner community member. Your leadership has been outstanding. You have definitely set the bar HIGH!

- Nancy M Blinn, Dental Health for Arlington, Inc.

Congratulations Dr. Cavazos on your retirement! I am certain that your well deserved retirement will only be temporary. Your ability to lead, communicate, listen, and move our district to achieve what was once only dreams will never be forgotten. Thank you for supporting us through the years. Best of all there is to come for you and your family.
- Tarri Miller, Adams Elementary/ Grade 3 teacher

Dear Dr. Cavazos:
I have many memories of our years together. I do remember our first meeting on Pioneer Parkway with Laura Jones. You were new and very young. Right from our first meeting, I felt at ease talking with you. You always listen. As the speaker, Thomas Friedman, at the HEB Banquet said, the skill to listen is invaluable, and having this skill can take a contentious situation and turn it around. That is your special talent. I always have appreciated your keen sense of humor, too! Your eyes smile with students and staff and your timing is perfect with your little quips and comments.
I know you have dedicated your time and talent to the AISD and to each and every school. We will certainly miss you but I wish you the absolute best in the years ahead.
- Marlene Roddy, Martin High School

Dr. C,

So many memories-but my favorite is your "First Day Tweet-a-long" UP HILL, in a suit, for a mile, in the HEAT of August!

It's taken me a while to write you a message, as how can I articulate the respect I have for you differently, than what most people have shared?! I supposed I will just keep it simple. You have led with integrity, transparency, fairness, compassion, intellect, and humor! Thank you for being the absolute BEST superintendent I could have possibly had to carry out my role as principal! As you like to say, you are OUTSTANDING!! THANK YOU!!!

Congratulations! (with misty eyes)
- Mary Helen Burnett, Dunn Elementary, Principal, AISD

Congratulations Dr. C!!

I have had the pleasure of spending my entire career with Arlington ISD. And for most of that career I have had the privilege to work along side you and to call you my Superintendent. I have always appreciated that you call me by name and extend a greeting or stop to chat whenever we pass in the halls (or stairwell!). Thank you for your vision and leadership during your tenure and for allowing people like myself the opportunity to grow in their career with this organization. I wish you nothing but the best for this next chapter in your life!!
- Latitia Blackwell, Assistant Director - Accounting

Dear Sir,

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye. You have demonstrated considerable skill and experience as a communicator and negotiator, and possessed the diplomatic dexterity, political savvy, courage of convictions, self-awareness and exquisite judgment necessary for superb leadership. It has been an honor to serve under your leadership. Thank you President Joe Biden....oops I mean Dr. Cavazos. ( There is a similarity there according to our students!) The best is yet to come!!
- Tarri Miller, Adams Elementary teacher

Dr. C,

Thank you for your leadership in the district. You have lead and helped this district grow exponentially. We will miss you tremendously. We will especially miss those times in principal meetings when you ask, "Any Questions?" And we all sit there akwardly until someone says something or you make a joke. Thank you for all of your hard work to make AISD a premier district,

- Amber Price, Ousley Junior High

Thank you sir for your amazing leadership! It blessed not only our school district but the city of Arlington is better as well. We pray for the Lord's favor and grace in the next chapter of your life and no I am not looking to become a principal again.
- Solomon Adair, Inspired To Live Church

Congratulations Dr. C! Thank you for your dedication and leadership for our students and staff in AISD. Blessings to you on your next phase. Enjoy!
- Rose Ravin, Berry Elem

Dr. C,

I was in one of the last assistant principal cohorts to have a 3rd interview with you in the hiring process. So, thank you for giving me my first administrative position! Enjoy your family and your next adventure in this new season of life!
- Kelly McCollough, Martin High School

I will truly miss your leadership and candor. I hope your replacement will put up with me as well as you have ! 🙃😇 Enjoy your next chapter and don't be a stranger!
- Kimberly Martinez, Webb Elementary

You've been such a Blessing and will be missed!
I just want to say Thank you for my Thank you letter back when I was just a rookie Counselor who opened up McNutt elementary with Dr. Orsini. I was so honored to have received a letter from you recognizing my work. You truly made a difference in my life to keep elevating. Best wishes!
- Ana Torres , Kooken - Counselor