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Winter Workout 12 Days of Fit'mas
Posted in on December 26, 2023

12 Days of Fit’mas Winter Workout

Want to snack on all the holiday goodies over the winter break and keep in shape as well?

The Arlington ISD has you covered. Duff Elementary physical education teacher Matt Bostick, the king of the district’s Workout Wednesdays, is back for the holiday break to keep you going with Winter Workouts.

Bostick never takes a break from working out, and he wants you to keep it going, too, in a fun, festive way. Bostick has worked with his exercise elves to craft three days of exercises that anyone can do.

And remember the key word with Bostick is to modify the exercise to fit your needs. He understands that peppermint bark may be your downfall so you might want to start a little slower than he does. Not everyone eats the reindeer diet of carrots over the break like Bostick does.

So, to get you started, he’s got his 12 Days of Fit’mas workout ready to go (a chair or bench needed):

1 30-second forearm plank

2 burpees 

3 jump squats

4 push-ups

5 sit-ups

6 lunges per leg

7 jumping jacks

8 speed skaters

9 tricep dips

10 crunches

11 mountain climbers per leg

12 high knees per leg

Run through the workout just like the 12 Days of Christmas song. Or run through the workout as a circuit. Lastly, set a timer and see how many times you can run through the workout.

If you follow Bostick’s routine, like Santa you’ll be ready for the beach once the holiday season is over.

And check back tomorrow for the next Winter Workout.