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Dr. Genéa Stewart

Director of Research, Evaluation & Analysis
(682) 867-7498

Welcome to Research, Evaluation, and Analysis, a division of Research and Accountability. We are dedicated to enhancing decision-making and program effectiveness across our school district through:

Stakeholder Empowerment: Providing insights for informed decision-making and program improvement.

Effective Partnerships: Facilitating collaborations that boost the success of district-wide initiatives.

Rigorous Research:

  • Conducting comprehensive evaluations to highlight both successes and areas for improvement.
  • Employing a variety of research methods to ensure thorough analysis.

Strategic Support:

  • Focusing on understanding both outcomes and the processes leading to them.
  • Assisting program owners in outlining and achieving intended results, and effectively communicating their strategies.

Our commitment to professional growth ensures our work adheres to the highest standards, aiming for a more efficient and impactful school district.