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Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

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Dr. Jackeline Orsini

Director of Early Childhood Learning

(682) 867-9418

When you walk into an early childhood classroom at any Arlington ISD school, you are going to find busy little people learning, creating and building readiness skills in a secure, caring, and exciting learning atmosphere. Our certified teachers will provide enriching experiences to help all students meet their fullest potential.

classrooms for pre-K

We know that these students are curious and active learners. Therefore, your child will learn and have fun through hands-on activities, music and movement,  dramatic play, small and whole group instruction, stories, technology, outdoor learning and much more. Our curriculum is aligned to the Texas Education Agency to help students develop their thinking and social skills through literacy, science, art, early math concepts, music and social studies. We are very proud of our three and four-year-old Pre-K free program for students who meet state-funded Pre-K program qualifications and our PK tuition-based program for those who are not eligible for free Pre-K.

Early Childhood Programs