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District Instructional Materials Committee (DIMC) Roles and Responsibilities include:

  • Teacher membership of the DIMC are teachers who are self-nominated. Nominations are requested for experienced, master teachers from the discipline/subject area for which the instructional materials are being adopted. All nominated teachers are required to have regularly participated in professional learning aligned to the District’s curriculum in the discipline/subject area under consideration.
  • Teacher and parent nominees confirm in writing that they have not received any remuneration during the past three years from any publisher submitting instructional materials for adoption in that particular subject.
  • The DIMC will adopt an AISD Instructional Materials Adoption Selection Criteria & Rubric that will be utilized by the DIMC in the evaluation of instructional materials being considered for adoption by the district.
  • Members of the DIMC are expected to attend all arranged meetings of the committee.
  • The Steering Committee Department Representative will serve as the Chair of their sub-committee scheduled for adoption who will oversee the recommendations from their subcommittee.
  • Committee members should not attend any publisher sponsored event.
  • The DIMC will consider community feedback received through the AISD official comment process.