Welcome to the Arlington Independent School District!

Thank you for choosing our district to being your career in education. The Professional Learning Department wants to ensure you have a smooth transition to AISD. We are here to support you as a Bridge Substitute while you work to complete your teacher certification program and learn how to be an effective classroom teacher.

What will my first few weeks look like?

Back-to-School Week August 7, 2023 - August 15, 2023

Date: Monday, August 7 Tuesday, August 8 Wednesday, August 9 Thursday, August 10 Friday,
August 11
Monday, August 14 Tuesday, August 15
Event and Audience:

Teacher Preparation Day (All Levels) Campus-based Professional Learning Day (Secondary) District Event (AM) Districtwide Professional Learning Day (Secondary) Campus-based Professional Learning Day (All Levels) Teacher Preparation Day (All Levels) Teacher Preparation Day (All Levels)
Districtwide Professional Learning Day (Elementary) Campus (PM) Campus-based Professional Learning Day (Elementary)
Location: Campus Designated Sites or Home Campus TBD / Home Campus Designated Sites or Home Campus Campus Campus Campus

Arlington ISD's Systems of Support

Professional Learning Department

The Professional Learning Department provides various learning opportunities to support new hires in Arlington ISD. Click on each of the following opportunities to learn more!

Content Department Supports

New Teachers in Arlington ISD are supported by various departments. Click on the infographic below that represents your content specific department to learn more!