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Dr. James Tucker

Intervention Specialist
(682) 867-8350

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Dr. James Tucker is dedicated to assisting students in overcoming substance abuse issues and educating students in the physical and physiological effects of abusing drugs and alcohol. Dr. Tucker has been educating and intervening with adolescents and teenagers for over twenty years. Dr. Tucker believes that parents, community and schools all have a major role in the prevention and intervention of substance abuse.

Intervention services provided address the social, emotional and behavioral issues of a student to promote academic success. These services may include substance abuse screenings, individual intervention counseling, group counseling, prevention presentations, referrals to treatment facilities, parent meetings, follow up services and staff trainings.


  • Lamar High
  • Nichols Jr High
  • Shackelford Jr High
  • Butler Elementary
  • Ellis Elementary
  • Jones Academy
  • Kooken Ed. Center
  • Knox Elementary
  • Larson Elementary
  • McNutt Elementary
  • Peach Elementary
  • Pope Elementary
  • Remynse Elementary
  • Sherrod Elementary
  • Speer Elementary
  • Webb Elementary
  • Wimbish W. L. Academy