Dual Credit Registration For Current 10th and 11th graders

Steps that must be completed to take academic dual credit courses for 2018-2019

Step 1

Required PAA/Application sessions:
These will take place in rooms 184A, 184C, 171 and 200B.
Students may show up to any of these computer labs on the following dates:

1/23/18 @ 3pm

1/24/18 @ 3pm

3/20/18 @ 3pm

Step 2

TSI Testing:
Students will be assigned to the rooms for the TSI test.
They will receive a notice at least one week before testing.
It will include the assigned test room number and the time to test. Students must have a picture ID to test.

TSI Test Dates and Times:

2/23/18 @ 12-30 – 5pm

3/9/18 @ 12-30 – 5pm

3/27/18 @ 12-30 – 5pm

4/17/18 @ 12-30 – 5pm

Step 3

After completing the TSI, bring your TSI score sheet ASAP to your counselor to register for the dual credit courses.

Step 4

After seeing your counselor, pay the bookkeeper for the dual credit courses you are taking. Take the receipt to your counselor.

Only after completing all 4 steps will your dual credit courses be finalized!