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Pre-K Palooza is a heap of fun!

Arlington ISD’s first Pre-K Palooza, a one-stop shop for pre-K registration, officially kicked off Tuesday at Adams Elementary. At the three-day event, parents have the chance to register their three and four-year-old children for school beginning in the fall.

“We couldn’t think of a better opportunity for our community to come out and get their kids registered for pre-K,” said Dr. Jackeline Orsini, early childhood director. “We have approximately 50 elementary schools, and we have a variety of pre-K programs throughout the district. This is the perfect way to showcase them.”

What do I need to register?

Parents and guardians need to bring the required documents for the child to complete enrollment, including an original birth certificate, photo ID of parent/guardian, proof of address, current immunization record, a Social Security card and documents that may qualify a student for free pre-K. A complete list of those documents can be found in our pre-K FAQs. A designated computer lab is in place for parents to complete registration online while their little ones can play games, participate in activities, and even enter raffles for a chance to win prizes including everything from educational books to jumbo building blocks for learning.

The language placement center is another stop at the palooza, which tests students’ proficiency in English and allows them to be placed in English as a Second Language class if necessary. Students are tested every year to benchmark their progress and can test out of the classes once they hit a certain proficiency level.

Representatives from parent and community engagement, early childhood education and other departments are present and ready to assist parents at the event. Pre-K teachers and classroom assistants are also helping with registration.

“I love what I do, because I truly love teaching and having fun with the kids,” said classroom assistant Jaquelin Huitron. “Pre-K is the first step children take in learning while in school, and it’s important for them to know they can learn and have fun at the same time.”

Pre-K in Arlington ISD will provide your child with lots of fun and knowledge that will shape them into tomorrow’s leaders. If you’d like to get your child signed up for pre-K and can’t make it to Pre-K Palooza, register online here today.