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“Developing citizens of character dedicated to serving their Nation and community."

Attention Parent/Guardian, please read and discuss this entire application with your student. It is important that you both clearly understand the Air Force JROTC program before applying for enrollment. Return completed application SIGNATURE FORM (with counselor/instructor endorsement) to the AFJROTC Department at Ferguson Education Center. You may scan and email completed form, hand deliver, or have school counselor send in interschool mail to,, or


Belonging to Air Force JROTC is a privilege, not a right. Cadets must meet and maintain acceptable standards of academic achievement and personal conduct and appearance as prescribed by the Air Force. In accordance with AFJROTC Instruction 36-2001, the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) reserves the right to remove anyone from the program for failure to meet standards, or for any other reason deemed appropriate by the principal (of the host school) and the SASI.


I confirm that I am, or will be, enrolled in and attending 9-12th grade in an Arlington Independent School District High School campus. (Determined by Air Force policy, IAW AFJROTCI 36-2001.)


The AFJROTC program at Ferguson Education Center is a 3 part academic program. Academics (assignments, assessments and research projects/presentations) are 40% of the JROTC grade.  Uniform wear, conduct and community service make up the other 40%. Wellness (physical fitness) is 20%.

The program includes drill (marching) as part of the leadership education portion of the class.  We do not offer programs such as marksmanship, military “combat” or special operations training or flight training.  Physical fitness is required as part of the class for all cadets.  There are optional extracurricular fitness activities for all cadets.


AISD provides JROTC bus transportation to/from Ferguson Education Center. Busses take you from your school to Ferguson Education Center and return you to your school after class.                          

Note: It is the responsibility of the parent/student to provide for transportation to/from home should the student miss the bus returning to their primary campus from Ferguson EC.

Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are offered after school (typically, 3:30pm - 5:00pm Monday through Thursday) and take place at Ferguson Education Center.  AISD provides JROTC bus transportation from your school to Ferguson Education Center for after school co-curricular activities. AISD provides JROTC bus transportation from Ferguson Education Center to your home campus after JROTC co-curricular activities Monday through Thursday.  


There is an annual activity fee of $75. 

There are recurring costs associated with JROTC to include; dry cleaning (uniform items should be professionally cleaned as needed and laundered (those items not requiring dry cleaning) after each use), haircuts (male grooming standards require a haircut about every two weeks in order to maintain standards), replacement of items lost/damaged by the student (total uniform replacement cost is about $400). Cadets/parents are responsible for these costs.


Participation in JROTC does not commit or obligate any student to military service nor is it a prerequisite for military service or college ROTC. AFJROTC is not a recruiting program for the military. Participation in AFJROTC does not guarantee special consideration to any cadet applying for college ROTC scholarships or service academy appointments. 


  • I will be expected to meet the standards of behavior, attitude, and courtesy established and taught by the Instructors. Failure to meet standards including uniform wear and personal grooming, indifference to training or discipline problems may result in disenrollment from and/or non-selection for future enrollment in AFJROTC. My continued enrollment year-to-year is contingent upon my performance at each previous level. Removal from the program after the drop date will result in a grade of “F” or WF (withdraw/fail) on my permanent transcript.
  • I must maintain an acceptable standard of academic performance in all my classes to remain enrolled in JROTC. I understand I must maintain a “C” or better in all my classes and a “B” in JROTC to be eligible for leadership or functional positions and participation in special programs activities.  I must maintain a “B” or better in AFJROTC and a “2.0” or better GPA to be approved for continued enrollment in AFJROTC for the next year (can only be waived with specific approval from the SASI.)  I understand that a semester final grade of “F” in AFJROTC will result in my immediate removal from the program, as this constitutes failure to meet standards.
  • I will be required to complete all assignments given to me by my JROTC instructor.  Reading is assigned for each lesson.  Repeated failure to complete assignments may be interpreted as indifference to training.
  • I will be required to meet and maintain the personal appearance and grooming standards established by the Air Force. This includes maintaining a military style hair-cut and styling.  A professional military image has no room for the extreme, the unusual, or the faddish. Cadets are highly encouraged to maintain a proper image at all times, particularly when in JROTC class, when wearing the uniform and during official JROTC activities.  Repeated failure to meet standards is grounds for dismissal from the program.
  • I will be required to properly wear the issued Air Force uniform once a week (for the entire day) and as prescribed by the SASI. Failure to wear the uniform or improper wear of the uniform will negatively impact my grade. Uniform Day is every Wednesday or Thursday depending on class schedule. Repeated failure/refusal to wear the uniform will be interpreted as indifference to training. Uniform wear and appearance is approximately 40% of my overall JROTC grade.
  • I will be required to maintain the uniform in a clean, properly fitted, and repaired manner. It will be my responsibility to maintain all uniform items (requires regular professional dry cleaning) throughout the school year and when the uniform is turned in. Dirty uniforms are not accepted. Fines for replacement cost are recorded pending satisfactory (clean) turn in or payment of fine.
  • In order to maintain classroom order and discipline, I am expected to be on time, be prepared and behave myself in class.  Disrespect towards instructors or repeated disruption of class will not be tolerated and is grounds for dismissal from the program.
  • Cadets are required to perform community service (10 hours per semester).  Service is a major component of JROTC training objectives and counts for 10% of my grade. Failure to perform service hours will be interpreted as indifference to training.  This area supports our mission of developing citizens of character dedicated to serving their Nation and community.
  • Cadets are expected to demonstrate proper respect for the Flags of the United States of America, friendly Nations, the state of Texas, and the United States Air Force at all times. Citizenship is a major component of JROTC training objectives.  All cadets will be trained and participate in raising/lowering of the flags and may be selected to participate in posting of the colors.


Each cadet will be issued a clean serviceable uniform.  The uniform is the property of the United States Air Force and is provided to you on a loan basis.  At the school year’s end, or when directed by the AFJROTC instructor, you must have uniform items professionally cleaned and return all issued items within 7 days or make payment for items missing, damaged, or destroyed. The value of the issued uniform items is approximately $400.00.


  • School dress code will be enforced. Cadets may be asked to change or call parents for appropriate clothing.
  • Cadets participating in official AFJROTC activities (in uniform) are not allowed to attach or display objects or ornamentation to or through the ear (other than females wearing an earring in the ear lobe), nose, tongue, or other exposed body part (including anything that might be visible through the uniform).
  • Male cadets may not wear earrings while in uniform.
  • Male cadets are required to maintain haircut standards and must be clean shaven at all times.
  • Tattoos are not allowed if they are obscene, or advocate sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination.