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Focus on Finding Purpose

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a keynote address where the audience was filled with men and women from different walks of life, all there to learn and grow. As I sat there looking around the room, I realized how each person uniquely brought their own individual and varied experiences, perspectives, opinions  and values - each of which articulated how they lived their daily lives. 

This reflection caused me to ask myself, "What drives me to pursue the goals that I personally have? Why do I passionately go after some things and feel less passionately about others? What is my purpose and how does it feed my passion for the work I am privileged to be a part of?"

Scott Perry, founder of Creative on Purpose, recently discussed the roles of passion and purpose and the difference between the two. He said, "We are born with the capacity for reason, a social nature and a creative instinct. We can employ these assets as we search for meaning and seek significance. And we all depend on and associate with others who are on the same journey... [and in doing so ask ourselves], 'How can I pursue my need to find and be me, while allowing for your desire to do the same?' This is the job of purpose.

Purpose is the convergence of:

  • Who you are (your core values and guiding principles);
  • What you do (your essential talents and 'soft skills'); and
  • People who share your values and need your talents to enhance their lives."

Simply put, purpose is the engine and passion is the fuel

So what is your personal purpose? How is our role in the Arlington ISD connected to that purpose and the purpose of the organization as a whole? 

In the Arlington ISD, we are focused on developing successful people who thrive. They are students who come to school each day to learn new skills and to develop relationships that will help them reach their goals and potential. They are teachers and staff who strive to refine their craft and build relevant experiences that challenge learners to think and grow. They are each one of us as we strive to get better every day. 

As you begin this school year, I invite you to reflect on your purpose. Seek to connect your day-to-day work to your personal purpose - that force that drives your passion and sets you apart as a unique and contributing person in the world. By doing this, not only will you continue to greatly impact those you serve, but you also will discover your personal gifts that make that impact possible and find joy in so doing.

Have a successful 2019-2020 school year! I am grateful to serve alongside you!

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Dr. Steven Wurtz

Chief Academic Officer

(682) 867-7300