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Short Elementary - Shorthorn Trail graphic
Posted in , on January 12, 2024

Short looks completely different inside

From the sidewalk, Short Elementary looks pretty much like it has for decades – apart from new sidewalks and landscaping. And there are new playgrounds in the back.

But inside, Short looks completely different.Short Elementary wall graphics

The renovation project funded by the 2019 Bond started last summer and is just about done. They’re still waiting for new interior doors to arrive, but the rest of the major tasks are complete.

Not only does it look great, but it’s also unique. One-of-a-kind graphics in the building are meant to inspire and welcome students.

Wall graphics in the main hallway and cafeteria feature trees, birds and cattle and give students the feeling that they are walking along the “Shorthorn Trail.” Then each hallway has a name that recalls something from community history, like Beatrice Short Trail – named for the school’s namesake – or Johnson Station Trail – named for the first school in Arlington where Beatrice Short taught for decades. Some of the other hallway names include California Lane Trail, Cattle Trail and Ranger Station Trail.

Berkebile said students and staff were so excited when they saw the graphics for the first time.

“It was inspiring to hear the students and staff chat excitedly when they first entered the building after Thanksgiving,” she said. “Everyone was amazed to see the creative ways that Short Elementary’s history and school spirit were incorporated into new, custom wall graphics.”
Short Elementary - Ranger Station TrailAs cool as the graphics are, they were just a small part of the overall project. The renovations replaced the ceiling tiles, hallway wall tile, fluorescent lighting and much of the flooring. Restrooms were renovated, roofing was replaced where needed and paint was applied in many areas. The gym got some improvements as well, and the kitchen got a new freezer/cooler.
“New floors, carpet, bathrooms and lighting are providing comfortable spaces that contribute to a positive learning environment, promoting concentration and overall well-being,” Berkebile said. “Our staff, students and parents are extremely grateful to the community for reinvesting in our campus through the bond program so that children learn in an updated school.”