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Beatrice Short was born on May 24, 1902, and she grew up in Woodville, Texas. In 1918, when she was 16 years old, Short began teaching in Security, Texas. Her sister was the principal and she was paid $60 per month. The Short sisters lived in the town’s hotel and were the only occupants besides the man and woman who owned the hotel. The school bus in Security looked like a covered wagon. It was a large truck with wooden seats attached to the truck bed that was covered with a large sheet to protect students from the elements.

Short came to Arlington to teach fourth through sixth grades at Johnson Station in 1921. Johnson Station, the first recorded school in the area, was established in the 1840s as a ranger station and trading post. The new Johnson Station school building was opened in 1913 with four rooms: three classrooms and an office. Short later taught first through third grades and then only first grade. She taught first grade for 40 years.

Short married John Tyler Short in 1925. They met while they were both in a school play at Johnson Station School. Mr. Short died in 1968. Short Elementary opened in 1970 to replace Johnson Station. Mrs. Short retired that same year after teaching 49 years. She died on April 10, 1990, and was buried with her husband of 42 years in the Johnson Station Cemetery.

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