Bond 2019

Four Areas

Four categories of 2019 Bond projects   

Five Phases

Bond 2019 projects phased over five years


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BOND 2019 Summary

Voters approved the Arlington ISD’s $966 million bond proposal on Nov. 5, 2019. Designed to improve facilities, provide access and equity for all students and build on the progress recognized through the 2014 Bond program, this bond program will address needs in four areas: facilities; safety, security and technology, fine arts.

The 2019 Bond will fund the following prioritized needs:

    • Rebuild four aging schools
    • Additions, renovations and furnishings for full-day Pre-K classrooms
    • Junior high and high school fine arts/dual language academies
    • Renovations to address facility condition and life cycle needs at all campuses
    • New playgrounds and shade structures for all elementary schools
    • An addition to the Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center to meet program demand and allow for program expansion
    • Renovations to create a third districtwide competition athletic field at Martin High School and improvements to Wilemon and Cravens fields
    • Upgrades to athletics facilities and fine arts spaces at all secondary schools
    • Classroom additions at select campuses to right-size for enrollment and program capacity
    • New fine arts instruments, uniforms and equipment
    • New school buses and service vehicles for program needs, hazardous routes and replacement of older vehicles
    • Additional security cameras and upgrades to security, safety and communications systems at all facilities
    • Technology upgrades for network infrastructure and replacement of staff and student devices

The new bond program was developed through a comprehensive facilities assessment and an extensive study conducted by a 37-member Capital Needs Steering Committee comprised of parents, teachers, principals, community members, business representatives and college and university representatives. The committee evaluated and prioritized the district’s identified capital needs, which included evaluations of instructional priorities, enrollment trends, building conditions, transportation, security, technology and more, through 2025. Through a series of meetings, community dialogues and surveys, the committee reviewed and analyzed the district’s capital assessment and listened to the community’s priorities and questions. In June, the committee reported its findings to the AISD Board of Trustees and recommended a bond program to fund the priorities. The Board unanimously voted to call the Bond 2019 election on Aug. 13, 2019.

All projects in the 2019 Bond will be implemented within five years.


Projects in the 2019 Bond fall into four areas: Facilities; Safety, Security & Technology; Fine Arts; and Transportation.




The largest area of the 2019 Bond, the facilities portion includes funds for new construction and condition needs and life cycle improvements for all schools. It also includes new playgrounds at all elementary schools and facility upgrades for fine arts and athletics.

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Safety, Security & Technology

Safety, Security & Technology

The safety, security and technology portion of the bond includes:

    • Additional security cameras and upgraded alarm systems
    • Districtwide communications system upgrade
    • Network infrastructure
    • Device replacements
    • Strategic 1:1 (student devices)
Fine Arts icon

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The fine arts portion of the bond includes:

    • Theater equipment and black boxes
    • Instruments
    • Visual arts equipment and work surfaces
    • Piano replacements
    • Uniforms for marching bands, drill teams and choirs

Fine arts facility upgrades are included in the facilities portion of the bond, and new high school band trailers are included in the transportation portion of the bond.

Transportation icon



The transportation portion of the bond includes:

    • Buses – replace 55 and add 32
    • Shuttle buses – add 22
    • Service Vehicles – replace 62 and add 41
    • New vehicles and trailers for the Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center, the Agricultural Science Center, high school bands and security

Additional buses will allow the AISD to expand routes for instructional programming and safety.

Five Phases

The projects in the 2019 Bond will be implemented in five phases over the course of five years.

The facilities phasing plan is below.

Bond 2019 phasing

Phase 1

  • Gunn Junior High Fine Arts/ Dual Language Academy
  • Crow Elementary Addition & Renovations
  • Webb Elementary Replacement
  • Thornton Elementary Replacement
  • Berry Elementary Replacement
  • Shackelford Junior High
  • Jones Fine Arts/ Dual Language Academy
  • Martin High School & Athletic Field
  • Food Service Center
  • Enterprise Centre
  • Administration Building
  • Land Acquisition
  • Pre-K Furnishings
  • Playgrounds Phase I

Phase 2

  • Arlington Hight School Fine Arts/ Dual Language Academy
  • Sam Houston HS & Wilemon Field
  • Bailey Junior Hight Addition & Renovations
  • Adams Elementary
  • Hale Elementary
  • Duff Elementary
  • South Davis Elementary
  • Atherton Elementary
  • Foster Elementary
  • Johns Elementary
  • Playgrounds Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Carter Junior High Replacement
  • Carter Junior High Demolition
  • Knox Elementary Demolition
  • Roark Elementary Demolition
  • Amos Elementary
  • Goodman Elementary
  • Key Elementary
  • Short Elementary
  • Pope Elementary
  • Speer Elementary
  • Lamar High School & Cravens Field
  • Little Elementary
  • Miller Elementary
  • Playgrounds Phase 3

Phase 4

  • Bowie High School
  • Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center Addition & Renovations
  • Farrell Elementary
  • Fitzgerald Elementary
  • Blanton Elementary
  • Butler Elementary
  • Turning Point Secondary School
  • Sherrod Elementary
  • Young Junior High
  • Ditto Elementary
  • Dunn Elementary
  • Hill Elementary
  • Swift Elementary
  • Workman Junior High
  • McNutt Elementary
  • Burgin Elementary
  • Morton Elementary
  • Wimbish World Language Academy
  • Rankin Elementary
  • Kooken Education Center

Phase 5

  • Seguin High School
  • Ashworth Elementary
  • Pearcy Elementary
  • Barnett Junior High
  • Bryant Elementary
  • West Elementary
  • Boles Junior High
  • Moore Elementary
  • Corey Fine Arts & Dual Language Academy
  • Wood Elementary
  • Anderson Elementary
  • Remynse Elementary
  • Crouch Elementary
  • Patrick Elementary
  • Nichols Junior High
  • Peach Elementary
  • Ellis Elementary
  • Larson ES
  • Ousley Junior High
  • Bebensee Elementary
  • Beckham Elementary
  • Venture/ Newcomer
  • Starrett Elementary
  • Williams Elementary
  • Mac Bernd PDC
  • 600 New York
  • Annex 4
  • Transportation & Security Hilldale Annex Demo
  • Brown Blvd Auxiliary Warehouse
  • Food Service Auxiliary Warehouse
  • Little Road Annex
  • Agricultural Science Center
  • 5618 Green Oaks