Our Vision:

Produce citizens who are positive influences on our community.

Motto: Cross the line
Mascot: The Volunteer
Colors: Blue, Orange, and White

Fight Song

Fight on, you Volunteers!
Go, Bowie High School!
Fight bravely onward
And you’ll win fame and glory!
For the orange, blue and white we cheer.
Fight on to victory!
Number one we’ll always be . . . the Volunteers!

Our Mission:

Nurture and empower our students through relevant learning.

Alma Mater

We sing of James Bowie High School
And of blue, orange, and white.
May we who claim her colors
Be Volunteers for right.

To her we pledge our devotion
And praise her name to the sky.
With excellence we will bring honor
To our school James Bowie High!


Crossing The Line

In 1836, a group of men and women made a stand during the Republic of Texas’ fight for independence so brave and courageous that their efforts are remembered and celebrated even now, nearly two hundred years later. Col. William B. Travis, realizing that his small band of rebels was hopelessly outnumbered and those who remained to fight would almost certainly lose their lives, asked for VOLUNTEERS to stay behind and defend the Alamo. With his sword, Travis drew a line in the sand and asked those who were willing to sacrifice their lives for what they believed step across the line. James Bowie, a man from Tennessee who had been a leader in the fight for independence, lay on a cot wounded and near death. Despite his injuries Bowie asked to be carried “across the line”.  To the very end, he epitomized the creed to “let patriotism, dedication, honor and dignity lead you in all you do.”

The tradition of “crossing the line” was begun at James Bowie High School in 1974 by athletic director and head coach, Mr. Jerry Griffin. It symbolized the commitment of Bowie VOLUNTEERS to dedicate themselves to a cause, to finish what they had begun, and to remain true to their school. It is fitting, therefore, that James Bowie High School continues the tradition for “crossing the line” to inspire young men and women who walk these halls to remain true to the ideals of James Bowie and the Alamo. It is hoped that this tradition will symbolize a personal commitment to excellence, dedication of one’s self, personal sacrifice, pride, honor and dignity for all students, parents, and teachers of Jame Bowie High School.