Student Behavior

As part of the Texas Education Code (Sec. 37.0012), all schools in Texas shall designate a Campus Behavior Coordinator whose primary responsibility is to maintain student discipline for the campus and be a contact for parents or guardians concerning individual student disciplinary actions by the school. The person designated may be the principal of the campus or any other campus administrator selected by the principal.


Your Campus Behavior Coordinators

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Only parents or guardians may come to sit or eat in the cafeteria with their student. No other
guests are permitted unless accompanied by the student’s parent/legal guardian.

Food from Outside Sources - Parents may bring outside food for their student only. Because of the
nutrition policy, we cannot allow you to bring pizzas, soda, cupcakes, and/or other foods to give to
students other than your own.

Breakfast is served in the cafeteria beginning at 7:00 a.m. each morning. Student breakfast is $1.25
and adult breakfast is priced a la carte.

Full lunches and ala carte lunches are served in the cafeteria, with the option to buy milk, juice, and
desserts separately. Student lunches are $2.60 and adult lunches are $3.25. In addition, students are
allowed to bring sack lunches instead of buying. We follow the Texas Department of Agriculture
Nutritional Policy and the United States Department of Agriculture Smart Snacks in Schools

Food Accounts - Each student will be issued an account number. The account may be credited by
bringing a check or by depositing funds on the internet. The account number takes the place of a
lunch ticket, and the account is debited each time a purchase is made in the cafeteria. Students will
need their ID in order to access their lunch account. Money in the account may be spent any way the
student wishes unless parents notify the cafeteria manager that they want the account blocked (in
which case only a full lunch may be purchased). Money may be deposited into the account on any
day. Siblings must have separate accounts. No one else has access to an account number unless the
student shares it, so students should protect their account numbers and keep them private. Parents
are encouraged to put $5.00 in the student’s account for emergencies.

Behavior in the cafeteria –In the food lines, they must wait their turn (no cuts). Once students are
finished purchasing food, they are expected to stay seated while they are in the cafeteria. All
students should take responsibility for clearing litter and cleaning up their table.

Leaving the cafeteria –Food, snacks, and canned or bottled drinks cannot be taken from the cafeteria
and should not be consumed in the hallways.