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Catina Henson

(682) 867-7328

The Student Services Department is responsible for coordinating and publishing the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC). The department coordinates student disciplinary concerns and provide services to campus administration regarding appropriate student interventions and corrective actions.

Roles of the Student Services Department

  • Collaborate with school administrators in need of resources for students who violate the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC)
  • Ensure Arlington ISD schools comply with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements in reporting PEIMS Discipline Data and Summer Submission Data
  • Provide support and guidance with student placements:
    • at the District Alternative Education Program (DAEP)
    • at the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP)
  • Provide training to administrators on Chapter 37 Student Discipline  
  • Provide support and guidance to administrators on Bullying Processes
  • Recommend best practices for managing discipline issues on campuses
  • Support administrators with the discipline procedures for students with learning differences or who need Special Education or Section 504 Services to ensure compliance with federal regulations
  • Provide training to administrators to effectively run reports to monitor campus discipline data to minimize suspensions

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