Parents, due to major bus changes throughout the district, all Bus Bulletin assignments will be removed. Please verify your students’ bus number on our web site, then log into your Bus Bulletin account and update your morning AND afternoon bus numbers to continue to receive bus notifications.

Correct bus numbers will be available on September 5, 2019.

Department Contact:

Tim Collins

(682) 867-7850

Arlington ISD Transportation provides transportation services including home-to-school, special needs, and field trip transportation, as well as summer and charter trips for the district. The Transportation department takes great pride in safely transporting our students. Our professionally trained drivers oversee the protection of each child while traveling to and from school or various events.

Changes in Bus Rider Eligibility 2019-2020

The Arlington Independent School District continues to evaluate procedures to ensure the safety of our students. One of the procedures being re-evaluated is the Transportation of our students to and from school.

Due to road construction and changes in the Arlington city streets the measuring procedures that are used to determine bus rider eligibility are being re-evaluated. The evaluation also includes remeasuring the distance from school to home and home to school. This has resulted in possible changes in rider eligibility.

All students will be re-evaluated for bus eligibility starting the 2019-2020 school year. Parents are encouraged to review this information immediately by visiting the following website:

Since the process is underway now, if a student is not eligible for busing as a result of our new measurements, they will be allowed to continue to ride for the remainder of the 2018-19 school year. However, other arrangements will need to be made for the 2019-2020 school year. Please take the time to verify your students’ eligibility for next year so you will have ample opportunity to arrange transportation if necessary.

Arlington ISD offers paid transportation on a first come, first serve, space availability basis. The Transportation Department begins taking applications annually on May 1st each year.

School Transportation Search

Please note that NO transportation is provided for transfer students.

Bus Bulletin Notification System

The Transportation Department of Arlington Independent School District is using Bus Bulletin notification system to notify parents and students when there are bus delays and schedule changes.

For more information, or to sign-up and start receiving notifications, please visit