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tips to have a great first day of pre-K or kindergarten
Posted in , on August 10, 2023

Be prepared for the first day

Sending your littlest learner to the first day of school is a milestone like no other. Whether it’s their first day in pre-K or they’re starting kindergarten, sending your baby off can seem scary and unpredictable. But you and your child are in good hands in the Arlington ISD. Yes, you are, too! We have five tips to help walk you through a positive first day of school for the first time!

Establish Routines 

There is no way to sugarcoat it. Starting school for the first time is a big adjustment for you and your child. Building routines at home will help you and your child feel more comfortable starting the school year. These could include bedtime, lunchtime, bathroom or even drop-off routines. The more familiar your child is with the basics, the faster they will adjust, making it an easier transition for both of you. So, practice, practice, practice!  

Prep the Day Before 

Backpacks stuffed, lunchboxes packed, outfits picked – you’re already halfway there. Make the day easier on yourself by preparing as much as possible before the morning begins. Make a fun stop at your favorite store to pick up some new school supplies. You can find elementary school supply lists here. Have a game plan for the first day but be ready to be flexible.   

Big It Up 

Make the day like it’s an occasion – because it is. Show your child that this is a big and exciting thing. Have them model their first day of school outfit, brand-new backpack and sweet smile. Take photos and make that “first day of school” picture sign. If you post the photos online, be sure to use the hashtag #ArlingtonISD and #WeConnectDayOne. We’d love to feature your child, too.

At the end of the day, reward them after school with their favorite snack or activity and lots of love.  


Get to know your child’s teachers, friends and environment by getting involved in volunteering opportunities. This is a wonderful way to ease the anxiety of being away from your child while staying connected in the community. At this age, kids love it when their parents participate in school activities, so take advantage of it! You can sign up for volunteering opportunities here.  

Be Gentle on Yourself  

Mixed emotions are normal. Be proud of yourself for all that you’ve accomplished as a parent and celebrate the milestone. Tears are welcome in Arlington ISD no matter the age. Planning a day for yourself – whether it’s taking the day off or keeping busy – is also a great way to take care of yourself, too! Remind yourself that everything is going to be just fine. It’s the beginning of a bright future.  

From everyone in the Arlington ISD, we hope you have a great first day of pre-K or kindergarten! 

If you haven’t registered your child for pre-K or kindergarten yet, it’s not too late. But don’t wait because school starts Wednesday, Aug. 16. Start the registration process online here.