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Counseling - National School Counseling Week
Posted in on February 8, 2023

National School Counseling Week is Feb. 6-10

School counselors are helping students dream big every day, so National School Counseling Week is celebrating counselors’ impact on students in Arlington ISD and across the nation. Throughout this week, counselors are being recognized for their role in students’ success and wellbeing.

Helping students choose classes and preparing students for college are just the surface school counselors touch when it comes to job responsibilities. School counselors can support families, improve mental health and help youth realize the power of education.

“School counselors work to maximize student success and are vital contributors to campuses,” said Telisa Brown, director of the Arlington ISD guidance and counseling department. “School counselors should be celebrated for their tireless work to help ensure their students have the tools and space they need to be the best and healthiest versions of themselves. They make a difference.”

On every level, counselors build relationships with students and families to ensure their social and emotional needs are met. This week, the Arlington ISD guidance and counseling department is recognizing the group’s unique contributions by mailing ‘thank you’ cards to every counselor.

“I always enjoyed working with kids and inspiring them to overcome obstacles beyond their control,” said Heather Williams, lead counselor at Seguin High School. “Helping students reach their full potential, by encouraging them to be the best version of themselves is my priority. The positive feedback I receive about my impact from former parents and students who are years into their adulthood is my ultimate gift.”

Just think of them as the gift that keeps on giving. School counselors across the nation are gifting students and families with their ability to foster meaningful relationships and guide students to success. National School Counseling Week is the perfect way to honor their diligence throughout the year.

“My favorite part of being a counselor is seeing growth in our students and helping to be part of planning for their future,” said Jennifer Buechele, counselor at Bailey Junior High School. “For me it is a wonderful opportunity each day to work closely with our students and faculty to provide support as needed.”