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2024 TCU scholarships
Posted in , on April 17, 2024

Students named TCU Community Scholars

Once a Texan, always a Texan. But this fall, seven more Sam Houston High School seniors will be Horned Frogs, too!  

“It warms my heart every year,” said Sam Houston counselor Cynthia Carter. “It takes time, and these kids work so hard.”  

Selected as Texas Christian University (TCU) Community Scholars, their hard work sure paid off. The seven students were honored Monday with a celebration with classmates and family and a clap-out to end the day. That’s what happens when you’re heading to TCU on scholarships valued at more than $280,000 each. The future is bright for Sam Houston’s soon-to-be biology, nursing, business and political science majors.

“We are so excited to do this together,” said Angelica Garcia, whose best friend Samantha Leos will be right there beside her. “I called her immediately and told her to check her phone right away.”  

For Leos, the email almost didn’t seem real.   

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” she said. “I worked really hard, and I shed a lot of tears.”  

Cheering the scholars were Garcia and Leos’ teammates from the school’s cheer team along with students from Sam’s P-TECH and AVID programs. It also helped expose those freshmen and sophomores to the possibilities that await them.  

Each year, TCU awards 50 scholarships to students at 13 Title I high schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The four-year scholarship includes a supportive residential experience and opportunities to study abroad.  

Around December or January, students find out if they’ve been admitted to the university before they can be considered as a community scholar. Once admitted, the application process begins. Finalists attend a dinner, go through interviews and visit TCU where they learn more about their career pathway.  

In addition to the seven who were selected, Sam Houston had six other students who were finalists for the scholarship. 

“These kids are amazing,” Carter said. “They are good human beings, they are kind individuals, they are compassionate individuals and they are concerned not only about Sam Houston but about their peers and about others.”  

That’s why when they were asked to speak about their experience leading up to the scholarship, they all chose to share their own advice to inspire others.  

“Take the risks,” said Zerahann Ondieki. “Get out of your comfort zone, there are so many new opportunities out there. Don’t sit on your potential. Don’t limit yourself. It’s hard, but you never know what could be at the end of the road for you.” 

Garcia felt the same way. 

“Take advantage of your opportunities because you never know where they may lead,” she said. “I don’t think any of us ever thought we’d be here. Keep going and never give up.” 

With the support of their teachers and counselors, they were able to do just that. 

“They are why we’re even here right now,” Garcia said. “They didn’t leave our side for a second.”  

The experience for other recipients like Christopher Montano was similar.  

“We couldn’t have done it without them,” he said. “I’m excited and I’m ready.”  

So, let the countdown to the fall semester begin.  

“I’m so proud,” Carter said. “They did it.” 

And although they’re taking on their purple and white, they’ll always bleed red and blue! 

Way to go Texans! Congratulations to the seven TCU Community Scholars:   

Luis Andrade  

Caleb Dixon 

Angelica Garcia 

Samantha Leos 

Stephani Lopez 

Christopher Montano  

Zerahann Ondieki