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STAR banquet 2023
Posted in , , on June 13, 2023

Watch the STAR ceremony

Each student in Arlington ISD’s top 2% of the graduating class of 2023 deserves a lot of recognition. But so do their teachers.

That’s why the district honored those students – and the one teacher who had the greatest impact on them – at a banquet before the school year ended.

The annual Student Teacher Achievement Recognition luncheon, or STAR Awards, highlighted the 76 students in the top 2%. And each student got to bring one teacher with them from any grade. Most brought one of their favorite teachers from high school, but there were some who tagged a teacher from junior high or elementary.

Adrian Correa, now a Sam Houston High School graduate heading to TCU as a Community Scholar, brought his first-grade teacher from Morton Elementary, now retired.

“I am incredibly grateful for Mrs. Mills for the lasting impact she has had on my life,” Correra wrote. “Even to this day, I continue to draw on the valuable lessons and advice she gave me to pursue my dreams. Thank you, Mrs. Mills, for making such a big impact on my life and on all of your little learners.”

During the ceremony, each student and teacher pair took to the stage while their principal read three words the student uses to describe themselves and why they chose the teacher they brought. The principal also shared the student’s college destination and intended major.

Congratulations to all 76 overachieving students and their 76 life-changing teachers.

Check out the video below of the STAR Awards event to see all the honorees.