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painting - Keira Cloud
Posted in , , on February 22, 2024

Keira Cloud’s painting evokes nostalgia

For Arlington High School junior Keira Cloud, her passion for art goes beyond the classroom.  

“She puts in 100%, she’s all-in,” said Arlington High School art teacher Michelle Justice.  

That’s why her artwork goes beyond the classroom, too. 

As the artist featured on the cover of the 2024 Winter E-STAR Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) Newsletter, Cloud’s “Diner in the Snow” is being displayed across Texas. 

“It feels really exciting,” said Cloud. “It’s super rewarding to see something I put so much effort into on the cover of the E-STAR.” 

But the piece is more than just the cover of a newsletter. It’s a special childhood memory. 

“My inspiration was my childhood love for the holidays,” Cloud said. “In the painting, the view from the windows is a photo my dad took of my childhood house’s street during a snowstorm when I was younger.”  

painting by Keira Cloud featured on cover of TAEA e-STAR newsletterShe grew up with a fondness for wintertime and Christmas and was successful in creating that nostalgic feeling in her painting. 

“What I especially love about her piece making the cover is how it compares to the artwork that usually gets selected for these honors,” said Justice. “It is refreshing to see Keira’s atmospheric, subdued, poetic landscape earn this recognition.” 

In fact, the painting has been recognized for its ambiance multiple times before.  

“Diner in the Snow” previously received a regional medal, a state medal and the highest honor in the High School Visual Arts Scholastic event, the Gold Seal Award. 

“My entire childhood I grew up with the dream of being an artist,” said Cloud. “I’ve always admired the expression of beauty and emotion through art. I hope to continue developing my skills and understanding for as long as I can.”  

Cloud has a willingness to try new things, and her teachers have helped encourage her dream, too. 

“This piece was her first oil painting,” said Justice. “I had a feeling she was going to love it and it would open a whole new world of possibilities for her.” 

After taking on the challenge, Cloud discovered a new favorite medium of art. 

“Since this painting was my first time working with oil paint, I’m very grateful to have had such a patient and thoughtful teacher to help me learn the basics,” Cloud said. “I believe the memories and bonds between me and my teachers will stick with me forever.”  

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