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UT Arlington partners with Arlington ISD to help prepare aspiring teachers
Posted in , on June 5, 2024

UT Arlington will prepare 75 aspiring teachers for Arlington ISD

The College of Education at The University of Texas at Arlington is creating a bridge to Texas classrooms through its Alternative Certification Program (ACP) — a 100% online program designed for candidates with a bachelor’s degree who are pursuing careers in teaching.

The 300-hour program is a non-credit approach to alternative teacher certification. It was designed by the college’s faculty and staff, in collaboration with district partners, using the framework of UTA’s existing educator programs.

During the two-phase program, candidates will receive training and mentoring to ensure their preparation for certification exams and their future roles as classroom teachers. ACP students will also complete either an internship or clinical teaching stint in a classroom to fulfill Texas Education Agency requirements.

“There are students who want to give back to their community by becoming teachers. This program is just another means of supporting their preparation as they embark on successful careers in the classroom,” said College of Education Dean Tim Jacobbe. “The ACP adds to our commitment to mobilizing highly-qualified educators who can meet the high demand in our state’s classrooms.” 

School districts in North Texas and across the state continue to struggle to fill vacancies with highly-qualified teaching candidates. According to state records, nearly one in three new teachers hired across Texas last year lacked certification. The ACP is an alternative pathway to combat the national teacher shortage and bring qualified teachers into classrooms.

To align with UTA’s 2030 strategic plan and its aim to redefine the University’s community impact, UTA will be preparing 75 aspiring teachers for Arlington ISD. UTA currently fills nearly 33% of Arlington ISD’s teaching positions. The partnership will ensure schools have the teachers they need to educate the K-12 student population in Arlington.  

“This new partnership with UT Arlington represents a groundbreaking investment in top-tier educators, ensuring our students have every opportunity to excel,” said Dr. Matt Smith, superintendent, Arlington ISD. “We are excited to welcome highly qualified and passionate teachers through this collaboration.”

For more information, students interested in applying can visit the ACP website.