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Berry Elementary - new school - aerial photo
Posted in , on December 15, 2023

New Berry replaces school built in 1955

If you missed the new Berry Elementary’s grand opening earlier this school year, you missed a party. Sir Earl Toon of Kool and the Gang performed several of his biggest hits, including “Celebration,” in the school’s cafetorium.

While there’s not going to be a repeat of the concert, you can still see what was being celebrated – the amazing new Berry Elementary. Check out the new school through our new virtual tour video.

The new Berry, one of the transformational projects in the 2019 Bond program, replaced the original Berry, which opened in 1955. The state-of-the-art facility is all thanks to the support of the community.

Berry is just one of the transformation projects in the 2019 Bond. You can also take a virtual tour of several of the other bond projects that are already complete. Just visit the 2019 Bond webpage here.