Camp Innovation 2022

Camp Innovation is a week-long camp that allows students to be creative using technology in a variety of ways. Each camp will include robotics, programming and a lot of other fun activities. Camp Innovation serves students in grades 4th-9th.

At Camp Innovation we want to expose students to a variety of innovative technologies and learning experiences, designed to:

  • Build foundational knowledge and skills for computer science readiness
  • Develop the thinking and problem-solving processes required for coding
  • Provide hands-on opportunities to develop coding skills
  • Participate in enrichment opportunities with technology that emphasizes communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity


Camp Innovation 2022 registration will open on April 8th at 7:00 am.

Why learn about coding? 

When it comes to preparing your children for the future, there are few better ways to do so than to help them learn to code! Coding helps kids develop academic skills, build qualities like perseverance and organization, and gain valuable 21st-century skills that can even translate into a career.

Camp Dates

Week 1: June 6 - 9 Week 2: June 13 - 16 Week 3: June 20 - 23
Ashworth ES Arlington HS Adams ES
Barnett JH Bailey JH Amos ES
Bebensee ES Butler ES Anderson ES
Beckham ES Duff ES Atherton ES
Boles JH Ellis ES Berry ES
Bowie HS Foster ES Blanton ES
Bryant ES Gunn JH Burgin ES
Corey Academy Hill ES Carter JH
Ditto ES Jones Academy Crouch ES
Dunn ES Key ES Crow Academy
Fitzgerald ES Lamar HS Farrell ES
Little ES Larson ES Goodman ES
Martin HS Nichols JH Hale ES
Miller ES Peach ES Johns ES
Moore ES Pope ES McNutt ES
Ousley JH S. Davis ES Morton ES
Pearcy Academy Shackelford JH Patrick ES
Seguin HS Sherrod ES Rankin ES
Starrett ES Short ES Remynse ES
West ES Speer ES Sam Houston HS
Williams ES Swift ES Thornton ES
Wood ES Webb ES Workman JH
Young JH Wimbish WLA  

Students from ACCHS, ACHS, Newcomer, and Venture may attend any week.

Program Descriptions

Grade 4

Let the Good Times Roll!

Put your coding skills, teamwork, and creativity to the test as you experience all that Sphero robots can offer! Campers will use Sphero robots to compete in fun games and exciting challenges.

Adventures in Coding

Campers will experience adventures in coding through various robots and apps. Campers will brainstorm and build code to solve hands-on challenges to help them master coding!

Grade 5

Sphero Summer STEAM Games

Students will work in teams to code and compete in the Sphero Summer Games! Students will participate in various STEAM events, using Spheros different coding methods - Drive, Draw, Block and Text.

The Big Dance Party

Code your own Dance Party! Students will work in teams to choreograph robots dancing to music! Team’s will perform for points and awards will be given!

Grades 6 - 9

Close Encounters: A Coding Challenge

Get ready to level-up your coding skills! We’ll be programming Microbits to sense the world around them, process those inputs, then respond using sound and the built-in LED matrix to build interactive games, animations and more.

Spaceballs: Programming Robotic Spheres

Get ready to level-up your coding skills! We will learn how to leverage the sensors (Infrared, light sensors, accelerometers, magnetometers) and the LED matrix inside the robotic ball to programmatically maneuver the sphere based on dynamic variables and display images on the matrix. This will allow us to build games, participate in simulations, broadcast messages between robots, build variable-controlled animations, and so much more!


Students will fly and program Tello drones as they compete and level up against other pilots. Various challenges, including blind search & rescue, emergency simulations, pizza delivery, precise flying patterns and other obstacle avoidance maneuvers, will separate the Rookies from the Master Commanders!

Camp Information

Camp Innovation will be held at the AISD Dan Dipert Career and Technology Center (CTC) at 2101 Browning Dr. Arlington, TX 76010. The entrance to Camp Innovation will be on the Northside of the building.

Camp Innovation includes:

  • 4 days of camp (Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm)
  • Camp 2022 T-Shirt

Camp Costs

Camp Innovation 2022 will be free for all students.


Transportation may be available for all students from the nearest Elementary or Junior High campus.

For more information contact:

Susan Anderson
Technology Integration Specialist