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    PreK - Grade 1

    • I will only use the iPad my teacher gives me.
    • I will check my iPad and tell my teacher if it is broken.
    • I will be careful with my iPad at all times.
    • I will give my iPad back to my teacher when asked.

    Grades 2 - 12

    • I will only use the device assigned to me- the same numbered device, every day.
    • I will inspect and report any damage every time I use my device. 
    • I will care for my device and protect it from any damage. 
    • I will return my device according to my teacher’s instructions.  
    • I will always log off my device when I am done using it.


    PreK - Grade 1

    Grades 2 - 12

    Campus Admin


    • Acknowledge and adhere to the expectations outlined in the Employee Handbook for campus principals:
      • Teachers at my campus have acknowledged receipt of the Employee Handbook which outlines expectations for their care and management of classroom devices.
      • Cart signage has been distributed to teachers and is posted on the device cart assigned to them and/or available for their use.
      • Teachers have been provided student device assignment sheets and instructions and expectations for use.
      • Teachers are aware of and have been provided a document to track device damage, where it should be posted in the classroom, and know how to submit help tickets to report device damages while also reporting the damage to the appropriate campus administrator.
      • The campus administrative team verifies that teachers and students are implementing the device care and management requirements within classrooms.
      • Students are held responsible for willful vandalism of district property - including technology hardware - as specified in the Student Code of Conduct.
      •  Device damage and loss data available in ServiceNow is reviewed quarterly.
    • Cart Organization: Ensure the carts and devices are labeled according to district standards and affix any district-provided device care reminders signage to the cart. Rely on a designated student helper to ensure that the cart remains organized (including cables) after each use. 
    • Location: Provide a secure location in the classroom for the Chromebook/iPad cart. Ensure the room is locked when leaving the classroom. 
    • Charging: Keep the devices plugged in each night and during long periods of non-use in order to keep them charged. During long holidays or summer break, unplug and store the cart as directed by Technology Support. 
    • Expectations for Use of Device: Review the district’s student expectations for device care with my students. Ensure each student has signed the Student Device Agreement before any devices are used or assigned each school year. Review expectations throughout the year, as needed, and especially after long holiday breaks. 
    • Device Assignment: Maintain a Student Device Assignment List designating student name and assigned device number for all students. Verify that all devices are in place and accounted for before dismissing students. 
    • BOY Damage Assessment: On the date of device assignment, ensure students assess their assigned device for visible damage. Record that information on the Student Device Assignment List. 
    • Monitor and Report Damages: Submit a help desk ticket in ServiceNow for any damaged or non-working devices. In addition, document the damage on the Student Device Damage Reporting Form and notify an administrator. 
    • Willful Vandalism: Remind students that they are responsible for willful vandalism of district property - including technology hardware - as specified in the Student Code of Conduct. Report any willful vandalism to the appropriate administrator. 
    • Stolen or Missing Devices: Check that the devices are in the cart after each use and prior to students leaving the room. If a device is missing, immediately report it to the appropriate administrator and notify the Technology department. 
    • Use by Substitutes: Follow all campus guidelines for substitutes using technology. This includes providing substitutes with the Student Device Damage Reporting Form and the Student Device Assignment List.
    • I will only use the iPad my teacher gives me.
    • I will check my iPad and tell my teacher if it is broken.
    • I will be careful with my iPad at all times.
    • I will give my iPad back to my teacher when asked.
    • I will only use the device assigned to me- the same numbered device, every day.
    • I will inspect and report any damage every time I use my device. 
    • I will carefully carry and use my device appropriately at all times.
    • I will return my device according to my teacher’s instructions.

    Bond Overview

    Bond Year 1 (2020-2021)
    • AISD student standard 2:1 
      • Campus Complete Refresh 
        • 3 High Schools, 4 Junior High Schools, 6 Elementary Schools 
          • Chromebooks – 12,575 
          • Desktops – 1,822 
          • Workstations – 302 
          • Laptops – 4,816 
          • iPads – 3,866 
          • Carts – 26  
          • Document Cameras – 4043 
      • Standard changed to a 1:1 (pandemic changed the scope for student/device ratio) 
        • Pandemic related purchases 
          • iPads – 2,700 
          • Chromebooks – 9,700 
          • Laptops – 1,019 
          • Surface Go’s - 5,000 
    Bond Year 2 (2021-2022) 
    • AISD student standard 1:1 (changed refresh approach from full campus refresh to a continuous refresh across all schools) 
      • Campus Complete Refresh 
        • 10 High Schools, 6 Junior High Schools, 49 Elementary Schools 
          • Chromebooks – 18,423 
          • Apple/PC Desktops – 260 
          • Apple/PC Laptops – 1,092 
          • iPads – 4,595 
          • Carts – 246  
      • All campuses are 1:1 with Chromebooks 
        • High Schools are a combination of Chromebooks, Surface Go’s and laptops 
    Bond Year 3 2022-2023 
    • AISD student standard 1:1 
      • Projected to purchase Chromebooks, desktops, Laptops and iPads for various campuses 
    • Added new Project PTech at High Schools providing laptops to students participating in program 
    • All libraries have received circulation computers. As campuses go through the faculty/staff refresh cycle, librarians will also receive a device.  
    • Campuses Year 1 and 2 of refresh have already received their devices for the library. 
    • Year 3 – 5 will be used to provide remaining campuses with carts of iPads and Chromebooks. 

    Start of Year

    • Clear expectations and accountability for device care and management (for leaders, teachers, and students) mitigates challenges including extensive loss, damage, and theft of devices.
    • Much like how textbooks are assigned to a specific campus administrator to manage and monitor, device management at the campus level will be strengthened and streamlined if one administrator is charged with ensuring all expectations are met.
    • The campus is encouraged to call upon a support network that includes District Technician support for hardware and infrastructure needs and the Technology Integration & Innovation Department (TI2) for support related to the instructional usage of classroom devices.
    • There are a number of ways teachers can meaningfully integrate technology with limited devices. Some ideas include:
      • Establish an on-going tech station
      • Ask students to share devices in small groups
      • Give students choice in learning
      • Implement a station rotation
      • Pool devices with other teachers
      • Allow Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)
    • Rocking Technology with Limited Student Devices
    • Strong consideration should be given to distributing the newest devices to those teachers who consistently plan for daily student use of technology for learning. These teachers are likely leveraging Endorsed Apps including Seesaw or Canvas, Pear Deck, Google Workspace, and Adobe Express.
    • Older iPads present a unique set of challenges, especially with login processes and with the functionality of important applications like Amplify and Summit K-12. Therefore, newer iPads should be distributed so they are available at all primary grade levels. (New iPads should not be solely distributed to one grade level).
    • Designate a campus administrator to be responsible for ensuring device care & management expectations are met.
    • Teacher buy-in and adherence to the custody agreement is in many ways predicated on the idea that the devices they care for and protect during the past school year are the same devices provided to them in the following school year. In other words, it’s advised that carts be allocated to the same teacher(s) year to year whenever possible.
    • Expectations as specified in the Device Care agreements for teachers and students are reviewed and implemented.
    • Engage the Campus Technology Advisory Committee (CTAC) to ensure that device care guidelines and expectations are addressed & reinforced in any beginning of year training and that the latest classroom cart signage, student device assignment sheets, and damage reporting sheets are distributed and posted.
    • Work with your campus’ District Technician to address any device availability or condition concerns.
    • Review and discuss the Technology section of the Student Code of Conduct to ensure proper enforcement of student behavior expectations.
      • Vandalism is a willful or malicious act intended to damage or destroy property and/or reckless acts that result in damage or destruction of property. 
      • In Arlington ISD, vandalism is deemed a Serious Misbehavior and is subject to criminal penalties.

    End of Year

    • Identify any non-functioning or damage devices and create service tickets via ServiceNow to report those devices.
    • Collect all checked out student devices (due to extended absences or other situations), including the power adapter.
    • Create incident/ticket to ensure the device is checked and cleaned by Technology.
    • Secure technology equipment (laptops/Chromebooks/tablets/carts) in a safe area away from windows, if not in use for summer school.
      • Campuses hosting summer school need to make carts available and accessible for summer school use.


    • Students use only their classroom assigned device 
    • Device checkout sheet is up to date and used daily
    • Devices are properly stored for their protection and charging
    • Teacher reinforces expected student behaviors for device handling and care
    • Device care guidelines is clearly visible on the device cart
    • Damages are tracked on the Damage Reporting sheet

    Classroom Look Fors: Device Care and Management

    Rocking Technology with Limited Devices Guide

    • Device inventory information can be accessed by campus administrators using the campus overview dashboard built in ServiceNow.


    Requests for additional devices can be entered in ServiceNow along with a justification for the request. Campus devices are provided either by the Bond refresh program, the campus budget, or a grant funds.

    Create a ServiceNow incident with details of the issue. Stolen devices reports must include a police report number. 

    Device repair times depend on the type of damage and availability of parts. As the Bond refresh program advances, campuses will have the ability to allocate another device from the additional percentage of devices provided.



    Substitutes are expected to implement and reinforce the classroom procedures already in place in the classroom. In Arlington ISD, there are expectations for teachers and for students.

    Please refer to the Students and Teachers sections above for these expectations.


    The availability of extra laptops for staff use varies from campus to campus. Please check with the campus’ substitute coordinator (likely the campus secretary) to determine if there is an available device. Checking with a neighboring teacher may also be helpful.

    Please check with a neighboring teacher to learn the combination to the cart lock.

    Ideally, the substitute will leave a detailed note for the classroom teacher which includes the device PIN, student(s) involved, and description of the damage and circumstances surrounding the incident. Please also make a campus administrator (principal or AP) aware of any missing device(s).

    Classroom Technology

    The Epson projector can be turned on manually via the power button on the projector. However, there should be a white Epson remote control in the classroom that can also be used to power on the projector.

    If unable to manually power on via the power button on the projector, please check with a neighboring teacher to provide assistance.

    The HoverCam document camera uses the software Flex 11. Training videos can be found on the HoverCam Academy website.

    Students in grades 3-12 use Chromebooks for learning with technology. If you are unfamiliar with Chromebooks, the guide designed by Google and linked below provides an introduction to basic and advanced functions of the device.

    Classrooms are not equipped with DVD players and staff laptops do not have a disc drive.

    Digital Content

    Day to day assignments may allow for a substitute to request the teacher share relevant instructional resources via Google Drive.

    Please check with a neighboring teacher for additional support.

    Short-term subs can ask a student to open the Seesaw class on an iPad to see what has been assigned to the students. 

    Long-term subs can be added to a teacher’s Seesaw class through having a help ticket submitted by the campus principal. The help ticket should include the sub’s first and last name, the sub’s AISD email address, the current classroom teacher’s name, and the Seesaw class(es) names where the sub needs to be added as a co-teacher.

    Short-term subs can ask a student to log into Canvas and open the relevant course to see what has been assigned to the students.

    Substitutes serving in long term assignments can be set up with accounts in the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), however this requires a request from the campus administrator.