Canvas End of Year Highlights

Canvas, Arlington ISD’s learning management system for grades 3-12, hit record-breaking high usage during the 2020-2021 school year because of virtual learning. As face-to-face instruction resumed in full force for the 2021-2022 school year, teachers returned inspired by many technology silver linings from the previous year and implemented practices to enhance the traditional classroom setting….

Pear Deck Empowers Engaging Formative Assessment

Four years ago, Arlington ISD made Pear Deck available to all teachers – a technology tool that serves to increase student engagement throughout all phases of instruction from bellringer to exit ticket. In addition, it’s a fantastic tool for formative assessment that empowers teachers to check for understanding on the fly, clarify misconceptions immediately and…

Margaret Resendez

Elementary Librarian Uses the Apple Classroom App to Monitor Student Engagement on iPads

The Apple Classroom app is available for Arlington ISD iPads and can be used by a teacher to manage iPads while in student use. Using an iPad with the app installed and designated for teacher use, a teacher simply opens a class in the app to start a new session. All connected iPads will populate…

Camp Innovation Returns for Summer 2022

After a break for the past two summers, the technology integration and innovation department is happy to announce the return of Camp Innovation – a week-long camp that empowers students to develop relevant, future-ready skills via a variety of innovative technologies. Camp Innovation includes rotations involving robotics and programming, as well as a lot of…

Seesaw Snippet – End-of-Year Celebration

Shout out to our Seesaw teachers! Take a few minutes to celebrate all that you have done during this seesaw kind of year!        

Seesaw Snippets: Seesaw End-Of-Year Procedures

This week’s Snippet will explain the End-of-Year procedures for Seesaw for Schools and cover how to create a Sample Class so that you can access your Seesaw libraries over the summer.

TECHTalks: Google File Stream (Google Drive for Desktop )

Are all those files saved on your laptop backed up somewhere? What would happen if your hard drive crashed or something happened to your laptop? And why save files to your laptop at all? Google for Education users have unlimited storage and backup capabilities. Learn how to install and use Google Drive for Desktop (formerly…

Seesaw Snippets – Become a Seesaw Pioneer

Learn how you can expand your knowledge of Seesaw by becoming a Seesaw Pioneer!  

TECH Talks: New Canvas Google Integration (LTI 1.3) Overview

Summer is coming! Do you have plans to do some course design in preparation for the new school year? If so, new changes are coming! Beginning June 1st, you will no longer be able to design new content using the older/existing Google Integration and the New Google Integration will be in full effect. If you…

Seesaw Snippets – Directly Linking to a Book in the Tumble Book Library

Learn how to directly link to a book in the Tumble Book Library and add the link to a Seesaw activity.

Seesaw Snippets- Adding Screencast-O-Matic Videos to Seesaw

See how to upload Screencast-O-Matic videos to Seesaw activities! The great thing about uploading Screencast-O-Matic videos is they play right inside a Seesaw activity!  

Seesaw Snippets – Recording Across Pages in Seesaw

See how students can record across multiple pages in Seesaw! By clicking on the microphone tool in Seesaw, students can record audio and movement across multiple pages creating one video!  

Seesaw Snippets – Seesaw Library Tips and Templates

Learn some tips for searching in the Community and District Seesaw Libraries and how to access endorsed apps templates and ready-to-use activities created by TI²!

Seesaw Snippets – PreK-2 Technology Resources Website

This video is a quick overview of our updated PreK-2nd Technology Resources Website. You can add this website to your bookmarks to quickly access it when you are looking for Seesaw resources!      

Seesaw Snippets – Highlighting New Features

Have you tried the newest features in Seesaw? This video highlights the new audio and locking options.  

TECH Talks Redirect Tool

Do you have a website that your students frequently visit? Wouldn’t it be convenient to just add that shortcut to your Canvas course navigation menu? With the Redirect tool, you can! Whether it’s Student Self-Serve, RapidID, a technology tool, or a curriculum-related website, using this is a huge timesaver for your students!      …

TECH Talks Google Docs Headings

Do you ever wish you could provide students with a link to a specific place within a Google Doc rather than telling them to open the document, scroll 3 pages down, and find the paragraph beneath the picture of the girl running in the park? Using Google Doc headers (headings) will allow you to do…

TECH Talks Sharing H5P in Canvas

So you’ve made this awesome H5P interactive in your Canvas sandbox or course! But when you share it with other teachers it doesn’t work right- and you see the scores of other students in your own H5P dashboard! This will show you how you should be sharing your awesome work! This one is a little…

TECH Talks – Tab Groups in Chrome

Do you ever find yourself with dozens of tabs open in multiple browser windows and searching for a particular tab? This built-in feature to Google Chrome can simplify your life!            

TECH Talks: Concluding Students in Canvas

When a student leaves your class, they are NOT dropped from Canvas automatically but should be removed manually by the teacher. “Do I really have to conclude the student? Can’t I just leave them on my roster?” There are some negative implications of leaving unenrolled students in your Canvas courses. Listen in and hear why…

TECH Talks: Link Text Fragment

When you need to send students to a specific part of a webpage, this extension is perfect! Instead of saying “Click on this link, scroll about 2/3rds of the way down, and find the heading that says ___” you can simply make a link to that exact spot and give that link to others!

TECH Talks: Undelete Canvas Items

“I swear that assignment/page/quiz was in my Canvas course yesterday- and now it’s gone!” Does this ever happen to you? Maybe you share a course with some other teachers who are… less than savvy when it comes to technology. And you find that some of your created items have disappeared somewhere along the way. Don’t…

TECHTalks: Bookmarks Bar

Do you have websites that you go to frequently? You can save yourself a few extra clicks and some time by bookmarking your frequently used websites to your bookmarks bar with this helpful tip!        

TECHTalks: Canvas RCE Update

Did your Canvas page get messed up (by you or another teacher in a shared course)? Did you accidentally delete some text, images, or videos from it that you need back? You can “rewind” your page to a previous version using this helpful tip!

TECH Talks: View Page History in Canvas

Did your Canvas page get messed up (by you or another teacher in a shared course)? Did you accidentally delete some text, images, or videos from it that you need back? You can “rewind” your page to a previous version using this helpful tip!