Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

PBIS is a systems approach to preventing and responding to school and classroom discipline problems.  PBIS develops school-wide systems that support staff to teach and promote positive behavior in all students.  School that implement PBIS focus on taking a team-based system approach and teacher appropriate behavior to all students in the school.  The purpose of PBIS is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, promote unity, and maximize learning.

Using PBIS school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports describe the following benefits:

  • Increase in attendance.
  • Student self-reports of a more positive and calm environment.
  • Teacher reports of a more positive and calm environment.
  • Reduction in the proportion of students who engage in behavioral disruptions.
  • Reduction in the number of behavioral disruptions.

In accordance with PBIS universal guidelines, the PBIS expectations at Juan Seguin High School are designed to

  1. Provide a clear understanding of expected student behavior.
  2. Be few in number.
  3. Be positively stated and structured.
  4. Use familiar language.
  5. Include example behaviors defined for purpose of instruction.

These expectations are: Ready, Respectful, Responsible

PBIS Discipline Matrix


Coach Johnathan GaffneyJohnathan Gaffney
PBIS Facilitator
Family & Engagement Liaison
Social Studies Teacher
Track/Football Coach
Rosa Darkwa

PBIS Assistant Principal
Alpha HI-MO

Marsona Jackson

Marsona Jackson
Military Liaison
Alpha Gard-La

Edquina Scales

Edquina Scales
Special Education Coordinator

Sean Fanning

Student Behavior

As part of the Texas Education Code (Sec. 37.0012), all schools in Texas shall designate a Campus Behavior Coordinator whose primary responsibility is to maintain student discipline for the campus and be a contact for parents or guardians concerning individual student disciplinary actions by the school. The person designated may be the principal of the campus or any other campus administrator selected by the principal.

Your Campus Behavior Coordinators

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