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Thanksgiving Show at Kooken Education Center
Posted in , on November 18, 2021

Arlington ISD’s early childhood learning department helped students at Kooken Education Center get in the spirit of gratefulness as they put on the Pre-K Thankful Thanksgiving Show. Staff members participated in a short skit, “Turkey in the Brown Straw,” and also sang and danced with pre-K students to turkey-themed jingles.

The show is a longstanding tradition at Kooken usually held during the week leading up to the Thanksgiving break. When instructional specialist Ken Foster worked as a pre-K teacher at Kooken, he would perform the show by himself. When he transitioned to the early childhood learning department, the team decided to make it a bigger production for the kids.

“We just finished evaluating our pre-K teachers and report cards came out, so it’s nice to be able to come and have a fun little break with everyone after an intense month,” said Nadia Azari, instructional specialist. “We love any opportunity to connect with students and help teachers out.”

After dancing and singing, students were also given the opportunity to share what they’re grateful for, and the three-year-old kids’ answers ranged anywhere from apples to friends.

Thanksgiving Show at Kooken Education CenterTo close out the program, staff and students joyfully sang “Thank You for Being a Friend” to the tune of Foster’s guitar. After performing at Kooken, the early childhood learning team packed up and headed to Rankin to perform the show there, too.

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