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Posted in , , on January 20, 2023

Teacher leaders walk the red carpet

Sequin dresses and swanky suits filled the Arlington ISD Center for Visual and Performing Arts as teachers from across the district were honored for their leadership last night. Puttin’ on the Glitz was the first celebration of its kind for the district’s teacher leaders, and the school leadership department pulled out all the stops for the red carpet affair.

Puttin' on the GlitzIt felt like a Hollywood movie premiere night as nearly 700 teachers walked down the red carpet while paparazzi snapped pictures of their radiant smiles. The CVPA was decked in black and gold décor and appetizing hors d’oeuvres and dinner options lined the lobby.

While teachers filled up on roasted chicken skewers and an array of delectable desserts, they received encouragement from Superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Board of Trustees members, the executive leadership team and principals from across the district.

“Leadership matters in every part of the organization, but it really matters at the teacher level,” said Cavazos. “They have stepped up and assumed positions to lead other teachers, and this is an inspiration for us, because it’s best that this kind of work is distributed. I’m proud of all these teachers here today and the staff that works with this program.”

From the superintendent to the school leadership department, the goal of the event was to honor and empower teacher leaders to continue making a difference on campus.

“ASPIRE is a network of leadership programs, and we specifically target teacher leaders in one of three of our pathways,” said Jessica Estillette, director of leadership development. “We have opportunities for level and department leads, model teachers, instructional coaches and mentors. We want them to be seen as instructional leaders on their campus, so we want to support in their development.”

Puttin' on the GlitzBy the overwhelming turnout for the event, it’s evident that teacher leaders are getting the support they need to grow and step out of their comfort zones.

Some school groups even showed up dressed in the same color scheme or matching tiaras. And one school arrived in a limo. These campus leaders just can’t resist bringing school spirit everywhere they go. Needless to say, everyone left with bellies and hearts full.

Gratitude filled the air as hundreds gathered to reflect on this year’s accomplishments.

“As an educator, you don’t do it for celebrations like this, but it’s always a plus,” said Gordon Stephens, Lamar High School calculus teacher and girls wrestling coach. “You do it because you want to see kids succeed, but it’s so kind of the district to acknowledge our efforts. It gives us a push to keep going.”


If you are a teacher in the Arlington ISD and you’re ready to go to new heights, apply to be a part of the ASPIRE teacher leadership program today. If you teach outside of the district and you’re ready to switch things up, now is the perfect time to join the Arlington ISD and take your leadership skills to the next level with ASPIRE.

No matter what track you’re on, ASPIRE will help you do just what it says – rise higher in your career.