• Commitment to a clear and focused vision will guide the district to the highest performance
  • Effective teaching and leadership are essential for student achievement
  • School environment impacts achievement
  • An engaged community is essential
  • Every student can succeed


The vision of the Arlington Independent School District is to be globally acknowledged as a premier school district.


The mission of the Arlington Independent School District is to empower and engage all students to be contributing, responsible citizens reaching their maximum potential through relevant, innovative and rigorous learning experiences.


  • 100 percent of students will graduate on time and excel at their school or career of choice.
  • 100 percent of students will reach their full academic potential.
  • 100 percent of students will be actively involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
  • 100 percent of students will graduate as lifelong learners.
  • 100 percent of students will graduate with a commitment to their community.


Inspired Learners

  • The AISD will be a high performing, technology-rich school district with leading-edge learning experiences that promote engagement, creativity, critical thinking and achievement.
  • The AISD will prepare our graduates to excel in higher education or the career of their choice.
  • The AISD will be the leader in the education marketplace by providing world-class facilities while being fiscally responsible.
  • The AISD will provide a safe and secure environment.
  • The AISD will ensure all teachers are highly effective.

Effective Leadership

  • The AISD will recruit and retain the most effective people by rewarding excellence and providing opportunities for continual growth.
  • The AISD will foster a caring culture of respect, integrity, wellness and citizenship throughout the district.
  • The AISD will cultivate an environment that builds great leaders.

Engaged Community

  • The AISD will actively engage and partner with parents in the educational experience.
  • The AISD will enhance educational excellence and workforce development through collaboration with community partners.
  • The AISD will utilize all the communications channels to maximize awareness and support of the district’s vision to be globally acknowledged as a premier school district


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