Endorsed Apps

This subsection of the approved web apps and pushed iOS apps are comprised of tools that are highly recommended for instructional use and have the commitment of TI² for ongoing, detailed support.

Approved Web Applications - requires sign-in

These web based tools have gone through a rigorous app approval process to verify that they are appropriate for use and that student and teacher data is protected. These applications have been approved by seven different departments and the superintendent for teacher and/or student use in the district.

Pushed iOS Apps

These are iOS apps that are Approved and have been pushed to the iPad. These apps do not require a user to request they be installed.

Licensed Music

A collection of music files that can downloaded and used by Arlington ISD students and teachers for projects. These files may only be accessed within AISD.

Keyboarding Guidelines

View the Arlington ISD keyboarding standards by grade level.

Innovative Equipment for Checkout

Are you ready to bring the exciting world of robotics and coding to your classroom? A variety of equipment is available for check out from TI² for a month at a time.